Bahu Begum Latest Gossips: Noor enters in Azaan and Razia's good books targeting Shaira (Upcoming Episode)

In the popular TV Serial ‘Bahu Begum’ Noor is playing cunning game with Shaira.

Noor emotionally blackmails Shaira compelling her to divorce Azaan and get her married to him.

Shaira is not ready to give up on her love that she decides to reveal Noor’s intentions to Azaan.

However, before she could step up for the same, media confronts the Nawab family and Azaan questioning Yasmeen-Faiz death case.

And there Noor rubishes the reporters proving Shaira didn’t tried to kill her, not she (Noor) tried to commit suicide.

Razia and Azaan become thankful to Noor who shuts media’s mouth while Shaira gets worried seeing Noor’s game.

Shaira in dilemma

Razia and Azaan are blessed that Noor acted mature before media and saved the family from shame.

While they are unaware of Noor’s intentions, here Noor gives 2 days to Shaira to take a decision or she will die.

What will Shaira do now?

How Shaira will prove Noor’s evil intentions?

Stay tuned to get the next update

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