Barister Babu 13th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

The Episode begins with Bondita attempting to expel the gasp. Trilochan approaches to what extent will we sit tight for her. Bihari says Bondita is deferring deliberately, you chastened her and possibly she is rendering retribution. Trilochan says she will deliver retribution on me. Bondita stresses. She considers Saudamini. She says just she can spare me, I will go to her, Trilochan will rebuff me. Pandit gets some information about her. Trilochan says she is coming, she is doing Shiv jaap. Pandit says its great that she is doing the jaap, the ladies are the establishment of the house. Trilochan says she is truly Dharmic. He reviews Bondita. He says she is acceptable esteemed and reviews how she contends. Bihari says she never contends. Trilochan says she is devoted, come and have prasad. Bondita stows away and goes. She thinks to leave quick. She wheezes. Trilochan asks who is there. She wears the top. Pandit asks is he Batuk. Trilochan says no, he went to class.

Bondita thinks Trilochan will make me go out in the event that I go there in these garments. She says I m Batuk’s companion, I came to play. Trilochan asks don’t you realize he is at school. Bondita says I m his new companion. Trilochan asks are you postmaster’s child. Bondita says indeed, I will go now. Pandit requests that he sit and have prasad. She stays there. Pandit says your bahu didn’t come, perhaps she wouldn’t like to come and meet us. Trilochan says no, she will come. He sends Bihari to call her. Bondita figures by what means will I meet them when I m here.

Trilochan asks Pandit to have food. Pandit says you are in some strain, you overlooked the custom to play the shank before having food, on the off chance that your Bahu doesn’t play the shank, at that point we can’t eat the food. Bondita stresses. Saudamini comes and plays the shank. She grins. Bondita thinks she has come to spare me. Saudamini asks Maha pandit to let her serve him. Pandit asks is she Anirudh’s significant other. Trilochan says no, she isn’t his better half, she is our neighbor, she is from a decent family, she can play the shank, have food now. Saudamini serves the food. Bondita looks on. She thinks something fell in the water, pandit can’t drink that, it will be his affront.

Saudamini sees her. Bondita says something fell in the water, change it, else it will be pandit’s affront. Saudamini saves new water for pandit. Bihari comes and says Bondita isn’t at home. Trilochan says don’t state before mahapandit, perhaps he gets steamed and gives puja opportunity to another person, I will rebuff Bondita that she recalls for her entire life. Saudamini thinks Bondita didn’t wish to hurt the family, yet today there will be a lot of dramatization, she will be out of this house and Anirudh’s life. She makes the house keeper put the curry on Bondita’s hand. Bondita shouts. Her hair get free. Everybody takes a gander at her. Pandit says you said she is a kid, she is a young lady, who is she. Bondita says I m Bahu of this house, Bondita, I demand you to not leave the food. Pandit chides her.

Trilochan looks on. Pandit asks does she need to be equivalent to men. Bondita asks is a lady not equivalent to a man. Trilochan yells no, don’t contend. Bondita questions once more. Pandit says she has lost her brain, she has done a wrongdoing, she offended us, we won’t have food here. Trilochan apologizes. Pandit says she needs to atone for her transgressions, she should bear exacting discipline, she needs to be equivalent to men, presently get equivalent to their hardwork. He stops a worker and requests that he keep the sack there. He asks Bondita to take the sack. Trilochan asks pandit to not leave. Bondita says I won’t let you leave the food. Trilochan asks will you bear the discipline, you can’t affront the brahmans, you feel free to shoulder it, Lord is with you. Bondita reviews her mum’s words. Saudamini gets upbeat. Bondita goes to pick the sack. She discovers hard and picks the sack. She takes the sack to the kitchen and tumbles down. Anirudh comes. He hears pandit saying silly young lady ought to get some sense, this young lady will never do the wrongdoing of wearing young men garments, she will never do it again. Anirudh inquires as to whether she wears young men garments once more, show me the exercise on the off chance that you need, she had worn those garments as I advised her to do as such. They get stunned.

Trilochan reprimands him and requests that he apologize to Pandit ji. Pandit says he got visually impaired on account of western way of life. Anirudh says I don’t accept that garments matter to such an extent. Pandit says young ladies and young men’s physical perspectives and their work chooses their garments. Anirudh says I don’t concur, accomplish ladies not work in the fields and at home, I gave Batuk’s garments to Bondita and made her wear it purposefully. Trilochan asks did you lose your brain, what was the need. Anirudh says I was causing her to do the yog.

Precap: Pandit says ladies are sensitive, their garments are with the end goal that men don’t see them. Anirudh contends and says men ought to be indicated the correct way, their eyes ought to have disgrace to not take a gander at any lady.


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