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The Episode begins with Anirudh saying I was causing her to do yog. Trilochan reviews his words. He says he needs yog, let him go. Pandit says no, I will rebuff him additionally, its my work to show him the way. Anirudh yells I additionally need to show the way, that has an expansive attitude, for what reason can’t young ladies do yog if young men can do. Pandit says they do cleaning and cooking, what’s the need of yog. Anirudh says you mean they should work for other people and not focus on themselves. Bondita gets up. Pandit says its not off-base, young lady’s character can’t get spotless once it gets recolored, that is the reason she is kept secured from others’ awful sight, that is the reason their garments are such.

Anirudh says men’s sight is the issue, who needs the treatment, men or ladies, who ought to be under ghunghat, men or ladies, men ought to be demonstrated the way, not the ladies. Anirudh inquires as to for what reason do we overlook that they are likewise human, they additionally have issues, they have option to remain cheerful. Pandit says you called me here to get me offended by child and bahu. Trilochan says no, will I get my family destroyed by offending you. He asks Anirudh to quiet down in the event that he regards him. He yells apologize to pandit ji. He says else I will go for Sanyas at the present time, fine, in the event that you need to do this, I will go, on the off chance that you have no regard for me. Anirudh says stop Kaka. He plunks down and overlap hands, saying ‘sorry’ to pandit ji. He goes. Trilochan likewise apologizes for his benefit. He says you can rebuff me. Pandit says your child is your discipline, let me know, can the puja get total when you have such a child and bahu.

Trilochan says no, I guarantee, I will sort out it well, you will get regard. Pandit says fine, none can get spared from brahman’s revile, remember. He goes. Bondita picked the sack. Trilochan goes to her and says we got spared from brahman’s revile, don’t cause this penance to go squander, don’t enlighten Anirudh concerning the discipline, few out of every odd error will be pardoned, you don’t have sense. Bondita says you requested that I follow spouse. He requests that her think carefully. She says you asked me not to utilize my brain. He says simply contend, didn’t your mum show you not to do what you don’t discover right. She asks will you expel the taweez, I think that its off-base, it has harmed me. He asks is there contention’s breaking point, by what means will I clarify you. She says I … . He says I can’t clarify anything. He goes.

Bondita says I figured you will support me however everything turned out badly. Saudamini thinks Bondita can discover the appropriate responses, she shouldn’t question on me. She says its Koyli’s misstep, she has put hot daal on Bondita’s hand and reality came out. She reprimands Koyli and sends her. Saudamini says Koyli is desirous of you.

Sampoorna stops Biraj and says you are taking things, Sumeri should know it. Biraj stops her and asks do you know this neckband. Sampoorna says its a similar accessory which Munshi offered it to you. Biraj says then its mine, how is it a burglary, how could it go to Sumeri, she has grabbed it from me, the manner in which she grabbed my child, what will you do, you take this jewelry and sell it. Sampoorna takes a gander at her and says fine, you need me to be a piece of the burglary. Biraj says its mine, simply proceed to sell this jewelry. Sampoorna inquires as to for what reason didn’t you reveal to them that Anirudh requested that you wear present day garments. Bondita says he did it for me, how might I take his name. Saudamini says he is expanding your issues, he is alarming a great deal. Biraj asks Sampoorna to get the goats and offer it to Sumeri. Sampoorna says yet you needed it. Biraj says I need my child and bahu’s bliss, Sumeri caused me to do this. She tells everything. Sampoorna cries. Biraj says she is plotting to keep you and Saurabh away, I can’t do anything, she made my child against me, he thinks I m a terrible mum, similar to you think, take this accessory, sell it, possibly I can acquire some bliss your life. Sampoorna says I have reviled you a great deal, I was so off-base, pardon me. They cry.

Bondita says I feel Anirudh is a demon, I can’t avoid mum and Rasgullas, that being said he got me far from both. Saudamini says kids resemble Lord. She asks Bondita to have the plain rice. Bondita says its not sweet or pungent. Saudamini says no. Bondita says you are so acceptable. She eats. Saudamini thinks this has bean stew, you will feel parched and drink a lot of water, I m an awful Didi. Bondita yells and requests water. Saudamini searches for water. Bondita comes up short on the room. Saudamini grins and thinks initial step is finished, presently I need to go to Anirudh. She goes to Anirudh and says you are doing a great deal for Bondita, does she care for you, she didn’t think while drinking a container of water, she didn’t tune in. Anirudh goes. He asks Bondita to hold the glass down. Bondita says I need to drink water. He says you need to comprehend that I m doing this for you. She says nothing is going on, I did what all you said.

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