Goodbye Ben Affle Batman – From the movie “Justice League” – Warner Bros. / Photofest / Getty Images

Ben Affleck appeared in ABC’s talk show ” Jimmy Kimmel Live!” And declared a graduation from the role of Batman.

Ben who has served Batman in the DC Extended Universe from the movie ” Batman vs Superman Justice ” in 2016 movie . However, in the following year, it suggested to USA Today that he is thinking of graduation from the equivalent as soon as possible. The other day, June 2, 2021 Batman single movie nationally released (Originally planned to be overseen by Ben but I wanted to concentrate on the role, but Matt Leaves was newly appointed) starring a new young actor Benn reported quoting this news and was sending ale to Tweet to Reeves.

Ben asked Jimmy Kimmel of the host, “I heard that he will not play Batman anymore”, commented with a refreshing look, “That’s right!” “I tried to work with a really good screenwriter to supervise Batman’s own movies, but I could not shape it, so I thought it was time to leave this to another person Creative team is wonderful, I am excited. ” Apparently it seems that graduation from the role was also thinking from the time of supervising descent.

“Batman graduation ceremony” is also done on the program, Ben will let go of bat cape. Ben asked Jimmy what he would like to say at the end, “I wonder,” I wonder, “I am not Batman (Batman)”? It showed a fresh smile.

“Planet of the Apes: New Century (Rising) ” and ” Planet of the Apes: Jihad Symbol (Great War) ” Batman alone movie of Matt Reeves supervision, which is known, the work of noir detective-style focused on the young Batman.


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