Bepanah Pyaar 11th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Doctor says Priya is in trance like state however we couldnt spare her child, Shalu says what? Doctor says she was pregnant. She leaves. Pragati reviews Priya heaving and says I knew it. All are stunned. Raghbir frowns at her.Dhruv says to his folks that we should hang tight for Priya. Mother says that young lady ranaway from wedding, we will discover another young lady. They leave from that point. Sanket calls Prashant and says nobody is home, Prashant says I sat tight for this time a great deal, head inside.

Raghbir yells at Pragati that why didnt you let us know? Aditi says you are envious of Priya that is the reason you needed her in this condition. Harshit shows clasp of Priya and Pragati outside of house when wedding was going on. Aditi says what were you doing out with Pragati? Pragati reviews how she was following Bani’s spirit and says I cannot tell. Raghbir takes her from that point.

Sanket is inside Raghbir’s home and glances around. He comes in storm cellar. Prashant is accessible as needs be and solicits him to break lock from room. Sanket does.

Raghbir says to Pragati that this all happened as a result of you, she is in threat since you didnt disclose to us prior, I completed an error by confiding in you. Pragati says I needed to let you know. Raghbir says you could have called me. Raghbir says to Pragati that I didnt let anybody in my life, I didnt share my musings with anybody yet I did with you, I completed an error so I am tossing out of my life today. He considers vehicle and causes her to sit inside, he requests that driver drop her. Pragati cries.

Sanket is glancing around in cellar room. Prashant requests that him available to come back to work discover pieces of information for enemy of Bani.. Abruptly system goes and Sanket cannot hear him, he glances around and discovers family photograph. He hears hireling coming and keeps running from that point.

Pragati goes to her dad’s home and cries. Father says I thought they acknowledged you. Pragati reviews Raghbir’s words and cries. Naina plays.

Sanket calls Prashant and says I needed to leave house, I discovered something. Prashant says incredible, come here. Sanket drops his telephone erroneously and leaves. Watchman considers family and tells that somebody went into house.

Father says to Pragati that imagine a scenario in which Raghbir divorces you. Who will wed you. Pragati says I dont need to wed, cant I live alone? She leaves from that point furiously.

Father says sorry to learn and says spouse is significant for a lady. Pragati says I had a spouse however he tossed me out of his life, second husband can do that as well. Father says, guess what? You have experienced passionate feelings for Pragati. Pragati becomes flushed and says no. Father says you are furious on him since he isolated you from himself, he is your life and everything. Pragati reviews her minutes with him and cries. Father goes to bring water for her. Pragati gets Prashant’s call, he requests that her meet him.

Precap: Prashant says to Pragati that anybody can see you here with us, leave. Family leaves emergency clinic so Pragati stows away. Aditi discovers Pragati’s bangle on ground. In house, family observes Bani’s shadow and is stunned.


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