Bepanah Pyaar 12th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pragati brings wine and says one is for me. Raghbir says you dont have guts to drink. Pragati says shall we see nowadays. They both start ingesting. Pragati coughs. Raghbir says shall we have a competition.

Harshit is getting equipped. He tells Tina that they’ll spend time collectively later. She says you usually say this, Harshit says sorry, he kisses her and leaves. Tina goes at the back of him to provide record however hears Harshit calling someone toddler on call.

Pragati continues drinking alcohol. She is inebriated. Raghbir says tell me. Pragati argue with him. Raghbir says you’re a trouble, you get kidnapped, get married with the aid of mistake, and so forth.

Mama sees Priya going for walks from window. They in the back of her and jump from window too. Shalu sees her sit in car and drive away. They each observe her.

Pragati begins crying and says I dont want to play, you comic story with me.
Nakul sits in car with Shifali. Devraj and Aditi goes to comply with them.

Pragati begins leaving house. Raghbir says you’ll crumple, you are inebriated. Pragati says i am driving. Raghbir says you’re inebriated. She says no, i am no longer. Raghbir brings a stick and sits on vehicle. He tells her to stroll on stick with prove she is not drunk. She tries to stroll however maintains falling down. She begins crying and says you are a cheater. Raghbir says dont cry, silent.. he pins her to vehicle. They percentage eyelock. Raghbir says permit me attempt. He tries to walk on stick but falls down. He says you blew on me, you are a cheater and inebriated. She says no. Raghbir says every other take a look at, he gives her a tongue twister, she attempts however cant. Raghbir says you are drunk, we could fall asleep. Pragati sits in car and drive away. Raghbir is going behind her.

All own family contributors arrive at a gap. Tina says I came in the back of Harshit, Mama says we observed Pragati. Aditi says we accompanied Nakul. Raghbir says they made us comply with here. they come internal conference room to look Pragati on stage. She welcomes Devraj’s family and says sorry we had to do a drama to get you all here. Harshit, Nakul and Priya comes on level and make an apology. Pragati tells sorry to Raghbir for pretending to be under the influence of alcohol. She calls him on stage. Raghbir says what’s this? Pragati says there are some humans in life that we can forget about as otherwise then its final day of life. Raghbir sees a statue there. He takes to the air material from it to find Bani’s statue. he is taken aback and moves again. Pragati says all need you to transport on out of your past but you stay that beyond so why not have a good time it, you’ll find love and reality of your beyond.. your past has one call most effective and its Bani. Raghbir glares at her. Pragati says the whole thing right here relates to Bani and its his stay. Raghbir sees Bani and his snap shots on wall.

PRECAP- Pragati suggests Raghbir and Bani’s statue and says that is real love, she says this wedding dress of Bani reminds us of ways she gave everything to you trusting which you would fight for her whilst time comes.


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