Bepanah Pyaar 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Prashant and Pragati comes to medical clinic. Prashant requests that her leave. Pragati conceals seeing Raghbir’s family turning out. Aditi discovers Pragati’s bangle there, she is stunned yet leaves from that point.

All relatives return home. Raghbir sees a shadow strolling. All look on. Shadow comes in light and its Raghbit’s badi Maa. Raghbir embraces her and says you here? It is safe to say that you are fine? Specialist says she is fine now, her reports are fine as well, dont give her a stun, she is rationally steady. Badi Maa says to Raghbir that I am miffed with you, you were getting hitched? This is your wedding setting? Where is your lady of the hour? Make me meet her, where is she? Raghbir turns away.

Bua says to family that how to advise truth to Badi Maa, we cannot educate her concerning Bani’s passing, cannot enlighten her regarding Priya. Beeji says in the event that Pragati was here, at that point issue would have been understood. Raghbir says there is a way.

Pragati returns home. Father asks her what she will do? Pragati says to father that destiny carried me to him so I will see where destiny takes me now. Raghbir comes there and says my home. Pragati is shocked to see him.

In morning, Nakul plays guitar for Badi Maa. Harshit says she resembles a child, I recollect time with her. Badi Maa calls Devraj and says you didnt feel terrible about me returning? Devraj says Kuldeep this is your home and all are glad to see you. Kuldeep goes to Harshit and says you are tall now, she sees his brace and inquires as to whether he is fine? He says yes. Badi Maa says where is Raghbir? I need to meet his lady of the hour. Raghbir comes there and says she is here, your significant other and girl in law. Pragati comes there. Flashback demonstrates how Raghbir revealed to Pragati that he is taking her back due to Badi Maa, she fulfilled him and settled after Bani’s demise and she needs to meet his significant other so he is taking her back, flashback closes. Kuldeep says to Pragati that you are so beautiful and you will love Raghbir an adoration, Raghbir can give gigantic love. she asks Raghbir to keep her cheerful.

Prashant is with Sanket. Specialist checks him and says he isn’t alive. He is dead at this point. Prashant cries and says no..

Kuldeep comes in parlor. Devraj says I am heartbroken, I couldnt come to meet you. Kuldeep says its been a long time since you didnt come, I went from here to not offer pressure to anybody but rather since I am back, I crave something isn’t right. Like everybody thinks about it yet no one needs to discuss it, you are quiet as well. Aditi hears it.

Pragati goes to Raghbir’s room and sees wine bottles, she says he doesnt quit drinking.. She says to herself that why I am doing this? He brought me back for his Badi Maa just, I am only a worker whom he can toss out effectively however I cannot leave him from my brain, what I am doing? She cries.

Precap: Kuldeep asks Raghbir how he met Pragati? Raghbir says like flawless spouses, she was immaculate wife material, she has such a significant number of characteristics, when she is close to me, I dont need any other person. Kuldeep says this is love. Pragati gazes at him and grins.


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