Bepanah Pyaar 15th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sushma says she did what Pragati has requested that her do as well yet she doesn’t realize that she has held hands with Bani’s killer too.Malhotra’s stress and blames Pragati for making such a great amount for dramatization and made them face media. Gopi too faults Pragati for making so mess. Harshit comes and advises that correspondents won’t return without taking Raghbir’s announcement.

Raghbir comes and says he will answer the media. Media comes inside and showers the inquiry on Bani’s passing. Raghbir pose them to inquiry one by one.Raghbir responses to the inquiries of the media tranquilly. He reviews his minutes with Bani.

Raghbir ask woman journalist did she is hitched. Woman correspondent says no. Raghbir ask to the next correspondent similar inquiries and clarifies them through the model. Journalist apologizes to Raghbir and goes away.Raghbir ask Pragatii from where she found that recording device. Pragati tells she discovered it while tidying store room. Raghbir leaves. Pragati thinks her entire arrangement gone in vain.Malhotra’s chooses adornments and dress for them. Priya gets a call from somebody. Shefali sees Priya and thinks why Priya is hanging up the call.

Raghbir hollers at Pragati and says she made joke of his and Bani’s adoration before the world. He asks her not to do anything like this ever. Kunti comes and calls Raghbir. She asks him not to chide Pragati, as she is his significant other. She lauds Pragati before Raghbir. Raghbir blows up and goes.Kunti ask Pragati not to mind Raghbir’s pledge. She lauds Pragati for her endeavors.

Aditi and Shalu reprove Shefali and Priya for aiding Pragati. Pragati catches their discussion about some gathering. Priya advises to everybody that she is getting call from Dev. Aditi and Shalu request that her avoid Dev. Priya consents to them. Shefali thinks about an arrangement to brighten up Priya. Pragati chats with her dad and says she will uncover Raghbir at any expense.

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