Bepanah Pyaar 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghbir says then for what reason did you.. Pragati says in light of the fact that I.. I am a trick. Raghbir says accompany me. Kuldeep sees them contending. Raghbir brings Pragati to table and says I will cause you to eat today, he bolsters her commandingly. Aditi says Bua that we need to send Kuldeep away, she adores Raghbir to an extreme. Kuldeep comes there however Aditi leaves. Kuldeep is conversing with children. Harshit tells about his significant other and says I lost my heart to her. Kuldeep asks Raghbir how he began to look all starry eyed at Pragati? Pragati reddens and says we dont have a story. Raghbir says she was fleeing from goons and I spared her, she lloves her chain excessively. Pragati grins.

Kuldeep gets some information about him? Pragati says he says truth and adores profoundly. Raghbir says she is best spouse, she deals with so much, she makes great sustenance. Pragati takes a gander at him and grins.. she reviews their minutes together. Raghbir says she has such huge numbers of characteristics. Kuldeep says you both are fortunate to begin to look all starry eyed at. Raghbir gets strained and leaves. Kuldeep says to Pragati that consistently cherish him.

Raghbir goes to his room and says what was I saying? I dont even know her, I adore Bani and her as it were. He beverages wine. Pragati reviews Raghbir adulating her and grins. Aditi comes there and says dont be cheerful, Raghbir brought you for Kuldeep, when she leaves, you will leave as well. Kuldeep comes there and says I became acquainted with about Priya, she shrouded that she was pregnant, its not Pragati’s issue, all are lost here, I will discover truth. Prashant cries and says sorry to learn. He sees paint on his shirt and hand.

Raghbir says to Kuldeep that fact and untruth are same here. He is smashed and sits on stairs. He yaks and says I will tell truth. All hurry to him and says you will tumble from overhang. Raghbir says I will talk from here as it were. Kuldeep says hear me out.. She climbs stairs, she is going to fall yet Raghbir holds her and says truth is something different. Kuldeep says I realize you wedded Bani, she takes him from that point. Bua says she know more?

Prashant calls Pragati and reveals to her that Sanket passed on, he discovered something and had paint on his hand, discover a few pictures in storm cellar. Pragati says I will. Pragati comes to storm cellar and glances around. Aditi says to Bua that Kuldeep won’t discuss Bani. Devraj says Pragati is here for Raghbir. Aditi says she said she will discover truth. Pragati takes a gander at family photograph and says Bani demonstrated to me this as well.

Precap: Raghbir says to Kuldeep that I didnt proceed onward, I couldnt overlook Bani and cant offer spot to any other person. Kuldeep says yet you can make place for another person in your heart like Pragati. Pragati hears it and looks on.


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