Bepanah Pyaar 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghbir comes to party. Aditi gets a call and says would you say you are certain? She reveals to Shalu that Pragati’s record is missing, she isn’t even here. Shalu says this is a business party so lets trust she doesnt make a scene.

Harshit comes to Raghbir and requests that he not drink much as its their business party. Specialists meet Raghbir. Aditi asks Deveaj to deal with Raghbir. Devraj says he is fine. Raghbir gets wine offer yet Harshit clues to control. Nakul pulls him aside and prevent him from drinking, he says I need an opportunity as DJ. He takes his beverage and beverages it. Raghbir looks on.

Nakul leaves. Raghbir imagines that they are attempting to control me from drinking however I detest such gatherings. Server offers him squeezed apple. He reviews how Bani got alcoholic reasoning she had a squeezed apple and disclosed to Raghbir that his gatherings are exhausting, he sentiments with her and moon resembles you. Flashback closes. Raghbir thinks my life began and finished with her.

Raghbir is going to drink however Pragati comes there and is smashed. She presents herself as Raghbir’s better half. All look on. She comes to Raghbir, he inquires as to whether se is smashed? She requests that he not tell anybody. Aditi asks Raghbir to stop her, she is making a wreck. Raghbir says she is enjoyin, unwind. Pragati supposes he doesnt care however I will praise his gathering such that individuals will quit working with him, flashback demonstrates how she had sprinkled liquor on herself so she seems alcoholic.

Priya’s sweetheart comes to party. She says what are you doing here? He says you left me so I needed to come. Priya says I dont need to converse with Dhruv. Aditi comes to Pragati and requests that her stop it. Pragati says you are a relative like serials. Raghbir giggles. Aditi attempts to control her yet Pragati sees Raghbir grinning.

Precap: Pragati tells everybody in gathering that Bani made Raghbir this rich and acclaimed, you realize this all cash is of Bani. Raghbir is dazed.


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