Bepanah Pyaar 16th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Shifali brings Raghbir and Pragati up to now region. Shifali asks Pragati to not be anxious. all of them go away. Raghbir asks her to sit down and says we are doing this for Kuldeep. Pragati says I realize however we are able to communicate, how became your day? Raghbir says we dont must act, Pragati says we will talk about your favourite colorings. Kuldeep brings meals. Raghbir says they will preserve coming. Kuldeep leaves. Pragati says I recognise you dont like to talk so i am sorry. Raghbir says no you deserve higher, you need to be with someone who can speak to you and concentrate to you, you are unfastened, i will loose you as soon as my mom is better. Pragati thinks what if I say I dont want to be free. Raghbir says you said something? She says you heard something? They both stare every other. Mahi plays. Raghbir appears away. Pragati says we can talk about what I desired to tell you. abruptly it starts offevolved raining. Raghbir take her hand and runs from there.

Raghbir and Pragati comes to his room. Raghbir says you may trade right here, Pragati says i can visit my room. Raghbir says you dont must act as no one is right here, exchange or your will get cold. Pragati says then why do you take care of me? Raghbir says its not like that and leaves. Pragati sees black gloves in his cupboard and recalls man or woman who attacked her had identical gloves. Raghbir comes there and says they’re mine. Pragati is shocked and says they won’t be yours. Raghbir suggests her his initials on them and says they’re mine. Pragati thinks that individual who tempered with fence from wherein Bani fell had identical gloves on then Raghbir? Raghbir says Bani’s preferred colour is blue so mine is blue too, he leaves.

Pragati says they’re Raghbir’s gloves however his love for Bani? She cries and says no.. Raghbir cant do it, he loves her way greater than his lifestyles, he attempted to kill himself for her, no he cant kill her, he isn’t like that.. he.. She cries and sits near window. Raghbir comes there and says electricity went away, are you okay. Pragati says I.. Raghbir comes closer and says you could talk in my ear. energy comes lower back. Pragati attempts to go away however he stops her and says are you very well? Pragati thinks how to speak to him? She leaves from there.

Raghbir involves his room. Harshit, Kuldeep and Shifali are there. Kuldeep says what did you talk together with her? Raghbir says we had exact discussion and rain commenced so we left, I dont like several this, we dont want this, i’m nice Maa, i’m happy, I dont want all this, I need my area.

Aditi says to Devraj that you need to make Kuldeep go away. Devraj says its her house too, she become my first wife. Aditi says you said she will not comeback. Bua comes there and says you recognize what came about 21 years lower back. Aditi says we can now not communicate about it.

Pragati comes to her room and says what to do? I dont recognize whatever. She seems at key in image frame and says i’d some thing from this key.

Pragati is available in hall and attempts key on locked doorways. She sees shadow of someone and follows it, she says who is there? guy grabs her from in the back of and says why dont you forestall all this? break out from this.

In morning, Kuldeep brings Raghbir to table. Pragati serves him. Raghbir says I dont want paratha. Pragati serves him english breakfast, his hand gets dirty. Pragati wipes and sees crimson mark on his hand. She recalls how person attacked her and she fought remaining night and scratched his hand.

PRECAP- Aditi modifications medicinal drug bottles in Raghbir’s room. Pragati moves with Raghbir and says sorry. Her pouch falls down. Raghbir takes it.


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