Bepanah Pyaar 18th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Aditi goes to Kuldeep’s room and changes her prescriptions with Priya’s drugs. Kuldeep says to Raghbir that I know its troublesome yet Pragati has the right to have a decent life, give her rights that she merits, you can be glad as well. Raghbir looks on. Kuldeep says its fine in the event that you dont hear me out. Raghbir says I will do as you state. I will give you drug. He acquires her room. Aditi stows away. Raghbir takes medications from organizer and offers it to Kuldeep. Aditi smiles and stows away. Raghbir leaves.

Pragati places key in pocket and is leaving however hits with Raghbir. She glances around for pocket, Raghbir says you cannot walk straight? He demonstrates her pocket and says whats inside? Pragati says offer it to me. He is going to open it and gives it to her. Pragati says please. She attempts to take it however falls on him, they share eyelock. Mahi plays, Raghbir says let me check. He opens it. Pragati turns away, he stops and offers it to her and says I dont need to check it, he leaves.

Prashant sees white vehicle outside Raghbir’s home and tails it.

Pragati comes in storm cellar and glances around to utilize the key. She sees another cabinet there and opens it. she peers inside and finds a lock in the divider behind it. She sees key missing from her pocket and reviews Raghbir had that pocket, she says I am certain he took the key.

Prashant is following the white van, he stops infront of it and sees somebody sitting with a hoodie on.

Pragati says how might he take that key from me? He needs to respond in due order regarding his errors. He does show infront of all?

Prashant sees that is its Sukaniya in the vehicle. She solicits him to remain out from way. Prashant says for what reason are you watching out for Pragati, I am helping her to discover truth about Bani. Sukaniya says what?

Pragati goes to Raghbir’s room and doesnt see him, she says I will discover truth.

Precap: Pragati discovers key in Raghbir’s cabinet and is stunned. He awakens and asks what she is doing?


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