Bepanah Pyaar 19th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghbir frowns at her and goes ahead stage. He says incredible words, he requests that everybody applaud and says she is correct. He sits and says Bani is behind my prosperity, this festival and everything is deficient without her, if you don’t mind applaud Bani. Pragati believes that why he isn’t blowing up? Pragati drinks vodka. Pragati begins moving interestingly in gathering. Raghbir looks on. She moves on sayian. She pulls Raghbir and hits the dance floor with him. All are staggered. Pragati makes everybody move. Aditi says I cannot tolerate this, she asks Devraj to stop her. All are occupied with getting a charge out of. A man in hoodie enters party.

Pragati is strolling in hallway. She is flushed. A man comes and attempts to hold her hand yet Raghbir comes there and requests that they leave. Pragati goes to washroom and sees shadow of somebody. She turns out and sees you? A man in hoodie pursues her. She attempts to run yet Raghbir comes and hits him on head. Man in hoodie says I am a goon, I will break your bones. Raghbir beats him and tosses him in parlor. All look on. Security gets him. Raghbir says dont you dare contact her. His goons attempt to battle Raghbir. Pragati attempts to hit them yet erroneously hits Raghbir. Raghbir beats them all.

Goon says whats your concern? Raghbir says you have an issue. Goon says she was tanked and an open welcome. Raghbir says you were tanked as well however no one exploited? Cant a young lady drink? Put cautioning name on beverages that its hazardous for young ladies, I have sympathy on your family who made you imagine that any young lady who beverages is an open welcome for you, dont you dare make a character testament of young ladies on premise of what they eat, drink, where they go.. particularly if that young lady is remaining with me, get lost. Goon leaves. Pragati is amazed to see all that. Raghbir advises visitors to eat and leave. He hold Pragati’s hand and leaves with her.

Pragati brings emergency treatment box and begins watching out for his hand. He says be cautious. She says would it be a good idea for me to swathe on your mouth? He grins. Naina plays as they take a gander at one another.

Precap: Pragati says to Aditi that you had an issue when your little girl in law drank yet why didnt you state anything when your child murdered his significant other? All are stunned.


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