Bepanah Pyaar 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pragati is in office. Prashant calls her and says you need to meet me. Pragati involves Prashant’s +residence and sees Sukaniya there.

Pragati says to Prashant that I knew you and Sukaniya were working together thats why you had her movies in your phone, i am not staying here. She turns to depart however Prashant says Sukaniya become Bani’s buddy. Sukaniya says yes, I desired to marry Raghbir so I may want to discover killer of Bani, she became near me, she turned into my adolescence pal, we grew up collectively. She shows their photos. Sukaniya’s secretary comes there too. Sukaniya says I wanted to marry him so I could locate killer and whilst you uncovered me, i was indignant however then Prashant instructed me you’re doing equal factor and wanted to fulfill you, Bani became very near me, I ignored her so a lot, I knew something turned into wrong in that residence. Pragati says how did ? Sukaniya says Bani become trained mountaineer, she used to climb mountains, someone killed her, do you doubt anyone? Pragati says sure but i can tell truth best when i’ve some thing concrete, I need to find that key. Sukaniya says Shalu maintains her things in fruit basket. Pragati says what about Raghbir? Sukaniya says he should placed it in his shoes.

Raghbir is drunk and imagines Bani and Pragati. He says its now not operating. Pragati comes there, he says dont talk to me. Pragati says you are not one to speak. She asks him to sleep. Raghbir says dont bore me, permit me drink. Pragati attempts to take bottle from him. She makes him lie down and attempts to take off his shoes. He wakes up and liquids a few more. He kisses bottle and is going to sleep. Pragati doesnt locate key in his footwear. She is going to test other shoe and unearths key there. Raghbir wakes up and asks what she is doing?

Shifali gives remedy to Kuldeep and says Raghbir has to move on. Kuldeep says he will with time, I just want him happy.

Pragati tries to go away but Raghbir stops her and asks what she became doing in cupboard? Pragati says placing your shoes away. Raghbir comes closer and says why you are doing this? He touches her and holds her hand. Pragati says I.. Raghbir places finger on her lips. He moves towards her. Pragati is tensed and appears down, rang tera performs. Kuldeep comes there. Raghbir moves away. Kuldeep says I shouldnt have come here, its correct you both aren’t preventing, she scolds Raghbir for drinking. She asks Pragati to bring lemonade, Pragati leaves.

Pragati says its proper I got the key. She goes to her room and remembers Raghbir’s phrases, she says seeing him felt like he cant do something however love, however from time to time I feel like you have hatred best, I dont realize if I should hate you or love you, I should locate fact, all ought to be asleep, I have to test.

Pragati is available in basement and finds Kuldeep there. She is is taken aback and says you? Kuldeep says Bani used to spend time here when Raghbir could go out, she spent so much time here that the entirety strikes a chord in my memory of her. She isn’t always here anymore but left memories. Kuldeep says she spent so much time right here, her presence can be felt here, cant you experience her? Pragati recollects seeing her shadow. Kuldeep says it appears like Bani is here, its excellent you are here, what I want do can appear. Pragati says what work? Kuldeep says i’ve come to say bye to her and take her permission, we should neglect our beyond to move in destiny, i’ve come to tell her that my Raghbir is ready to forget about his beyond and circulate to his destiny, he is ready. Pragati smiles slightly.

Precap: Raghbir lifts Pragati in his fingers and climbs stairs of mandir. He fills her brow with sindoor. Pragati seems on.


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