Bepanah Pyaar 19th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghbir cannot do it, he didnt do anything incorrectly? Pragati says no, I said it erroneously, she embraces her and says I will discover truth. Pragati comes in carport and sees Raghbir fixing a vehicle. She says you fix vehicle as well? Raghbir says truly, these are my exemplary vehicles and dont let anybody contact them. He says my vehicle isn’t running. Pragati supposes I dont know whether he is an executioner or friend in need. Raghbir requests that her pass devices. She offers it to him.

Raghbir gets injured, Pragati rushes to him and blows air on his hand, she wipes his hand. Raghbir grins at her. Rang tera plays. Raghbir says for what reason would you say you are here? Pragati says you didnt need me here? I will leave. He says no. He comes nearer and wipes oil from her face, Pragati looks on. Raghbir says you dont like vehicles? Pragati says I saw a mishap. Raghbir says its not vehicle’s mix-up but rather individual’s error, he requests that her pass another device. Pragati finds a vehicle which has same tattoos which murdered Sanket. She is stunned. Raghbir says my work is done, gives up to office? Pragati looks on. Raghbir says your quietness is a yes.

Raghbir is preparing and reveals to Kuldeep that he is going with Pragati. Kuldeep says you are wearing this? You look pleasant yet wear this. She gives him tuxedo and says you used to approach me for underwears too in youth. Raghbir says dont tell anybody. Kuldeep says on the off chance that you wear these, at that point I wont tell anybody, he takes them. Kuldeep says I thought Pragati was miffed with you however its great that you both are fine. She gets mixed up. Raghbir says I will call specialist. Kuldeep says I am fine, go to office. Raghbir says would you say you are certain? She gestures. He leaves.

Pragati is in vehicle with Raghbir and supposes where he more likely than not kept the key? Raghbir says why I feel like you need to state something? I dont comprehend communication through signing. Pragati supposes I ought to be amicable to discover key. Pragati says Kuldeep feels that you are quiet and cant harmed anybody. Raghbir says she realizes me well. Pragati says she know everything about your adolescence. Raghbir gets strained and says I was a child and can get some information about underwears as well. Pragati says what? You used to get some information about underwears? Raghbir says I used to wear various hues. Pragati says it must be a rainbow toward the finish of week. Raghbir giggles with her.

Pragati and Raghbir comes to office. He opens entryway for her and says dont tell anybody. They come inside. All welcome Raghbir. Raghbir gets some information about peon’s little girl’s instruction. Peon expresses gratitude toward him for making a difference. Pragati thinks individual who is so pleasant with individuals cannot execute his significant other. She sees him working and gets lost. Raghbir gazes at her as well. They attempt to overlook one another.

Raghbir is working, Pragati goes to his office and says you were taking a gander at me? He says truly, I thought.. Pragati says you thought I was Bani.. you normally state that. Raghbir says I didnt feel that. Pragati grins.

Precap: Pragati discovers key in Raghbir’s room. She goes to storm cellar and discovers Kuldeep there, she says you? Kuldeep frowns at her.


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