Bepanah Pyaar 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghbir is sleeping bed. Alarm plays. He recalls how Bani used to sleep late and he used to make her wake up. Flashback shows how Raghbir said to Bani that you have give me surprise. She says yes, its in bag. Flashback ends.
Pragati opens Bani’s suitcase. She sees clothes inside and says why Bani wanted me to check this? She sees a box packed inside.

Raghbir is drinking and recalls that Bani felt because they were going to miss pooja, he said that we will attend next pooja, flashback ends. Raghbir says I wish I had listened to her and didnt go. She wanted to give me a surprise.

Pragati opens box and finds a doll inside. Note says ‘See you soon papa’. Pragati says oh my God.. Bani was pregnant and Raghbir didnt know about it. Bani wanted me to knowthis, something happened. She looks inside bag and says there is nothing else.

In morning, all are getting ready for Priya’s engagement. Raghbir comes there and says Bani left me today but nobody cares, you people chose this day to celebrate, he tries to jump from balcony but Harshit stops him. Raghbir says you people cant have one flower for Bani but can have these many flowers for celebrations? Harshit says move on, we didnt forget it. Raghbir says nothing wrong will happen today.

Pragati asks about Raghbir. Harshit says I didnt see him, today is Priya’s engagement so please try to calm him.

Raghbir is in washroom and recalls trying to kill himself. Bulaya plays. Pragati is looking around for Raghbir. Raghbir says I couldnt do anything for my family, its better if I leave them and go to my Bani. He takes live current wire and throws it in bath-tub. He says I am coming Bani.

All siblings tease Priya but she is not happy with engagement.

Pragati is looking around for Raghbir. She comes to his room and knocks on bathroom. She says open it. Raghbir opens it. Pragati says they are waiting for you, engagement is about to start. Raghbir says my family shouldnt wait, I have to go. Pragati says where are you going? Raghbir says just go and tell them I am going, tell Priya to remain happy. Pragati says when will you comeback? Raghbir says just tell them that I have to go, tell them to not stop engagement because of me and ask them to remain happy, you go and live your life too. He closes door on her face. She is confused.

Scene 2
Engagement ceremony starts. Family welcomes groom’s family. Pragati comes downstairs and recalls Raghbir’s words. She tries to call Harshit but all are busy in celebrations.
Raghbir says to himself that Bani I am coming, I promised to be with you always and I am fulfilling my promise. He puts Bani’s pictures in tub and recalls his moments with her. Pragati runs back and knocks on his door, she asks him to open the door. Current is running in tub. Raghir says without you, life is worst than a death, I know you are waiting for Bani.. Naina plays. Raghbir imagines meeting Bani on sky, she tells him to come soon.

PRECAP- Priya gets engaged to guy. Groom’s father says engagement, where is Raghbir? Devraj asks Harshit. Harshit says Pragati went to look for him. Pragati sees Bani again.


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