Bepanah Pyaar 23rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pragati says in what manner will I discover truth now? She comes to breakfast table. Aditi says Kuldeep was not feeling admirably. Pragati goes to keep an eye on her. Aditi says she wants to spread Kuldeep to remain here, Pragati hears it and is pitiful.

Pragati is setting off to Kuldeep’s room. Raghbir hits with her and sees tears in her eyes, he asks what was the deal? Pragati says I came to meet Kuldeep. Raghbir says she is resting. Pragati says let me check, she goes to leave however Raghbir stops her and says she needs to head outside, I am going out for her, you are coming. Pragati says where are we going? Raghbir says why? Dont you confide in me? Pragati grins. Raghbir says wipe your tears and go prepare, she leaves. Raghbir grins.

Bua reveals to Aditi that Raghbir is going out with Pragati, Mama says they went out on the town as well, whose thought would it say it was? They should go on wedding trip. Raghbir comes there and says we are going out, not out on the town but rather for Kuldeep’s work and why you individuals have an issue with Pragati going out with me? She is my better half and can go with me anyplace we need, you individuals shouldnt be stressed. Pragati is astonished to hear all that. Raghbir says Mrs. Spouse? Pragati puts her arm around him, the two of them leave from that point.

Pragati and Raghbir are in vehicle. She grins at him and requests that he drive gradually. Raghbir says quit gazing at me, she requests that he let her bring down window, Raghbir says its contaminated air, Pragati says its outside air, he turns off lock. Pragati brings window down and appreciates breeze, she nods off. Raghbir gazes at her, hawain plays. He touches her face. Pragati awakens. Raghbir moves away, they contend over spot and her dozing. They turn out. Raghbir says Kuldeep said this mandir is useful for couples. Pragati says I like to come to mandir. Raghbir says I dont like it here, God doesnt consider individuals when he removes somebody, he doesnt consider agony of individual deserted. They purchase mandir aarti plate. He says I am not coming inside. Pragati yet Kuldeep. Raghbir says she isn’t here. Pragati begins going, Raghbir sees some unpleasant men gazing at Pragati and says I am coming. Pragati supposes why I am upbeat? Raghbir supposes why I am going with her? She is going to trip yet Raghbir balances her and says why you wear garments which you cannot convey? Pragati says you could hold aarti plate. Several comes there and says in the event that a spouse takes wife in arms and climb stairs, at that point they are as one forever. Raghbir says I dont concur. Pragati says I will walk. Raghbir says you cannot stroll on a street, take off alone these stairs. He lifts her in arms and climbs stairs, mahi plays. The two of them enter mandir. Pragati requests that he supplicate. Pragati believes that would it be advisable for me to tune in to mind or heart? Raghbir takes a gander at her, her saree pallu falls him, he looks on.

Precap: Pragati imagines that I will be with you in joy and misery, you are mine as you may be. He fills her brow with sindoor, she makes him wear festoon.


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