Bepanah Pyaar 25th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghbir says you have a virus. Pragati says I am fine. Raghbir puts her on bed and says you have fever as well, we are remaining here this evening. I am resting on couch. He takes care of her bed and calls gathering, he requests a specialist and soup. Pragati grins seeing his worry. Somebody tempers with power in Devraj’s home. Bua opens entryway for circuit tester and requests that he go in storm cellar. Its Prashant. He goes in storm cellar with tool stash and sees storm cellar room bolted. Prashant takes off locks from entryway.

Pragati is taking a gander at downpour. Raghbir brings soup for her, she says I dont need it. He says do you need rum? She shakes her head. He causes her to plunk down and makes her beverage soup. Pragati cannot quit taking a gander at him.

Pragati nods off on lounge chair and is going to tumble down yet Raghbir rushes to her and puts her head on his shoulder. He puts shawl on her and himself and checks her fever. He puts his hand around her and nods off in every others arms.

Prashant returns bolts on entryway yet tempers with them, he says nobody will know whether entryway is bolted or not presently. Raghbir awakens and grins seeing Pragati in his arms. He strokes her face and acknowledges what he is doing, he turns away. Pragati awakens and is dazed. She moves away. Raghbir says we should leave. Pragati is going to trip, he holds her and says I am holding up outside, he leaves. Prashant messages Pragati that he slackened screws so she can go into cellar room.

Aditi asks where is Raghbir? Kuldeep says Raghbir called the previous evening he will remain at inn on account of tempest. Aditi says he didnt call me? Shalu says he doesnt disclose to us anything in view of Kuldeep. Aditi says you bolted that entryway as well. Kuldeep says we should abandon past, you individuals dont need Raghbir to proceed onward. Aditi says we attempted to wed him.

Kuldeep says you didnt need him to proceed onward, perhaps in light of the fact that he isn’t your genuine child that is the reason. Aditi says he isn’t your genuine child too. Kuldeep says not all relations are from blood, when I discovered him, he turned into my child. Aditi says I took care of this house when you ended up mental and left everybody here. Kuldeep says indeed, my children needed to live without their mom for a long time, Bani gave him bliss yet left him, he has Pragati now, no one will interfere with them, Raghbir merits joy.

Raghbir is remaining outside inn and reviews his minutes with Pragati, at that point he reviews existence with Bani. He takes a gander at Bani’s photograph and says you are miffed? You think I overlooked you? I can overlook breathing yet I cannot overlook you, I was simply dealing with Pragati, please rebound to me. Raghbir takes a gander at Bani’s photograph and says no one gets me, I dont realize whom to converse with when you are not here, Pragati gets me however she cant ever have your spot. Pragati hears it and is harmed.

Precap: Pragati goes in storm cellar and places key in the lock behind cabinet. Somebody enters there.


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