Bepanah Pyaar 26th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pragati says what you preferred in Bani most? Raghbir grins and says she was insane, she didnt have a breaking point, she got life, she said that anybody can love yet her affection is boundless, she was unique, I had drab life yet she came and finished me, she made me live and comprehend what love is, after her I just have depression.

Pragati thinks Bani was by all account not the only one with boundless love, for what reason would you murder somebody whom you cannot live without. Raghbir says I never shared these emotions as I suspected nobody would get me. Pragati feels that he cannot execute her, I had a misconception. Pragati and Raghbit returns home. Kuldeep embraces Pragati. Raghbir says you dont cherish me any longer? Give me an embrace as well. Kuldeep says dislike that. Raghbir says you made something?

Kuldeep gestures and carries them to table. Raghbir sees chole bhature. Kuldeep says I know Raghbir likes them, you may be eager. Raghbir says you shouldnt have worked so much, did somebody help you? He calls hirelings. Kuldeep says I requested that they not help, I needed to make it for you, he asks how was pooja? Pragati and Raghbir takes a gander at one another. Kuldeep inquires as to whether they did finish pooja? Raghbir says no, storm came so we needed to leave in center.

Kuldeep says she didnt get gift of master? Raghbir says dont stress, Kuldeep goes to bring nourishment. Pragati asks Raghbir for what valid reason he lied? We did those ceremonies as a wedded couple. Raghbir says her desires are expanding so we need to stop her and we did customs yet it didnt mean anything, he leaves. Pragati supposes on the off chance that they didnt mean anything? She takes a gander at blossom from mandir and after that at key. Different kin come to eat with Raghbir. Raghbir is irate.

Nakul asks what befell him? Kuldeep says to Harshit that I need to see love between them. Shalu says I have a thought, we can send them on wedding trip. Harshit says its a smart thought. Kuldeep says yes they may come nearer.

Harshit’s significant other shows studs to him. He says yes however for what reason would you say you are prepared? She says we have a motion picture date today around evening time and you overlooked? Harshit says I am heartbroken, I need to remain with Kuldeep. She says Raghbir can remain with her. Harshit says she needs him to invest energy with Pragati. She blows up and says your Badi Maa doesnt let anybody live, She leaves from that point. Harshit says Sia..

Pragati comes ground floor and goes in cellar room. Kuldeep, Nakul and Shalu are searching for special night places. Raghbir comes there and asks what they are doing? Shalu says only some family excursion spots. Raghbir says alright and leaves. Pragati opens pantry in storm cellar room and places key in the gap behind it. She opens a storage and supposes on the off chance that I ought to head inside? Somebody in a shroud comes there and secures her cellar. Pragati runs and yells to open the entryway. Kuldeep and others hear it.

Precap: Raghbir gets some information about Pragati. Kuldeep says would you say you are frightened to go nearer to her or terrified for me to get connected to her? Pragati goes in cellar once more.


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