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Raghbir notices Baani’s bangle in Pragati’s hand and tells her to leave it. How dare you touch my Baani’s bangle? No one can touch it. I don’t like it at all. Badi Ma tries to say something but he does not let her complete her sentence. Caring for her does not mean that I have started loving her! We are even after saving each other’s lives but she isn’t Baani. She cannot even take her place ever. Remember it. No one can take her place or touch her stuff. Pragati says I neither need her place nor your care. Why am I with you if you cannot give me a place in your life? I cannot live with hatred or bear it. She leaves the house. She walks out of the room in tears. Badi Ma tries to make Raghbir understand but in vain. She follows Pragati but she runs out of the house. Aditi wonders whatnew drama this is. Nakul asks Badi Ma about Pragati. She tells him to stop her but Raghbir tells them to let her leave. Nakul asks them the reason. Badi Ma blames herself.

Pragati comes to her home. Her father is confused to see her crying. What happened? She cries hugging him.

Everyone has gathered downstairs. Badi Ma says I shouldn’t have done it. Pragati wouldn’t have left then. The kids feel bad for Pragati. Badi Ma cries. It is all because of me. Shalu and Gopi assure her that Raghbir will pacify Pragati and bring her home. Aditi is happy hearing it. I will be happier if Raghbir will throw her out of the house! Harshit is happy thinking Pragati wont be able to escape this time. Thanks little brother!

Pragati’s father tells her to be happy instead. Raghbir cannot give Baani’s place to anyone else which means he loves you very much. She says it is Baani asking for her place only. He tells her to tell him the truth. She says I got into relation with him. He should keep it safe. He says things without thinking. How can he? He hugs her. I also feel like crying seeing you in tears.

Nakul stops Priya from speaking to Raghbir. He is already angry and will scold you instead. Priya receives Dev’s call. She recalls that they had a special date tonight. Shefali tells her to go but Priya is reluctant. Raghbir asks her who she is saying no to and what for. Nakul tells him. They add that without Pragati Priya wont be able to decide upon her dress or date ideas. Raghbir asks them if they don’t have internet. Dint you go out before Pragati? Use your brain. Nakul and Shefali tell Priya to go on the date. Bhaiya and Bhabhi will miss each other dearly.

Pragati reprimands her father for not keeping his stuff nicely. You are just like Raghbir. He says we have one thing in common and it is you. We know that you will come to fix everything. She says you aren’t like him. You cannot do what all he does. He declines. I cannot jump in water to save you and I cannot even jump in fire to save you! She walks away sadly. He receives Badi Ma’s call. I have started my work. Badi Ma smiles. I too have started it from my end. By tomorrow they will realise that they wont be able to live without each other. Priya, Shefali and Nakul smile. They are also helping her in the plan.

Nakul goes to Raghbir and keeps talking about Pragati. Raghbir is unable to find his file. I have to go to meeting but I cannot find it anywhere! Nakul suggests him to call Pragati for help. Raghbir picks the phone but decides against it. She will act pricey if I will call. I dint ask her to leave after all. She left on her own. He keeps the phone on the table.

Pragati smiles seeing Raghbir’s incoming call. The phone is kept aside. Raghbir does not know that the call has been connected. She hears Nakul and Raghbir arguing. Raghbir says girls are Draculas. Girls should get an extra phera to signify the fact that they will drink our blood day and night. Nakul asks him if he isn’t missing bhabhi. Are you happy without her? Raghbir nods. I am not missing your bhabhi at all and I don’t care if she is around or not. I found the file. Why think of her when she isn’t needed here? Pragati ends the call. Even I don’t need you. Nakul offers to say something but Raghbir already knows that he wants him to call Pragati. Every single person in this house wants me to call her back but I wont do it. I am not the one who will be dependent on a girl. I am fine and things will work out in future too. He leaves. Nakul wonders how to bring Pragati and Raghbir close. Dev and Priya are so close and look at this couple! He realises he had to plan Priya’s date and runs.

Priya, Shefali and Nakul discuss about the date plan. Dev will be getting inside from the backside. They hear a knock. Shefali and Nakul leave from there. Priya opens the window and lets him in. He closes his eyes upon her request. The room is beautifully decorated with balloons, candles and lights. He is impressed. My date is nothing in front of yours. They sit down. Dev says I am afraid that your brother will kill me if he sees me here with you like this. He bends down on his knees and holds her hand. Don’t even think in your dreams that I will judge you. You are perfect as you are!

Raghbir asks Badi Ma to have food with him but she tells him that he can only give him food in the middle of the night. I cannot talk to you. He asks her to sit with him but she explains that she cannot be with him his entire life. People marry so the parents can leave the world peacefully thinking someone will look after their kids once they die. You are married yet you are alone. This thought pains me a lot. Go and eat. He is about to take a bite but stops thinking of Pragati. He heads upstairs. Badi Ma says feel this loneliness so you can actually miss Pragati.

On the other hand, even Pragati isn’t eating anything. Her father notices her sitting lost and sad.

Raghbir looks at Dev and Priya from the door. They are discussing about Raghbir and Pragati’s love. Dev assures Priya that Pragati will return home soon. They will realise their love for each other soon. Priya says I hope so too. Raghbir goes to his room. He is about to take a sip from his bottle when Pragati holds his hand. She signals him not to drink it. He happily keeps the bottle aside and accepts the glass of milk. It turns out to be his imagination. He gulps down alcohol.

Pragati looks at her wedding photo. She is keeping it inside the drawer and hurts her fingers. Raghbir holds her hand. Can’t you see? You got hurt again! Where is the first aid box? She looks at him sweetly as he nurses her wound. She realises that it was her imagination.

A song plays in the background. Raghbir and Pragati imagine the other in every corner. Both of them are missing each other terribly.

Next morning, Raghbir wakes up and is startled to see Badi Ma sitting next to him. He looks up and finds his siblings, Gopi and Shalu staring at him. They tell him that things will go back to how they were in the past. Badi Ma advises Raghbir to keep drinking throughout the day. Gopi tells Raghbir to come up with new plans to commit suicide. Nakul adds that he should go back in his angry mode. Raghbir asks them if he is dreaming. Badi Ma says it is true. Everyone tells him that it was Pragati who had brought everyone close and changed them for good. We will go back to our old ways. Raghbir tells them to stop. Badi Ma asks him who gave him the right to send her away. He says she left on her own. Badi Ma asks him what will happen to Baani’s stuff it will remain locked in the almirah. He says you know I don’t like it when anyone touches Baani’s stuff. Badi Ma says I was the one giving who was giving that bangle to Pragati and she was saying no. I thought she has started to love you like Baani. It was I who wanted to give that bangle to her! I was trying to clear out that difference but you just increased her. I was forcing her to wear it while she insisted she wont wear it till the time you will make her wear it. A small thing can change your mistake. Nakul shows him car’s key. Get ready and go asap. Raghbir goes. Gopi appreciates Badi Ma’s efforts. Raghbir goes speechless whenever you talk.

Harshit notices Raghbir leaving. Sometimes this family gets too lovey-dovey and that is very irritating!

Precap: Pragati’s father tells Pragati that he admits that Raghbir scolds her at times and turns rude but he means no harm. He loves you very much. Pragati is hiding in the trunk of a car. Few goons plan to set the car on fire after making sure it is empty (without checking the trunk). Later, Raghbir is driving by when he notices a lady lying unconscious. He rushes to her side and is shocked to see Pragati.


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