Bepanah Pyaar 2nd August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Sarab goes to Meher’s home. Jagga invites them. Kulwant says I am so happy you’re here. This resembles a fantasy. Meher is in tears. She takes a gander at her neckband that Manav gave her. Kulwant sees Manav all over the place. In her creative mind, Manav kisses her brow. He prepares her. Meher is crying. Kulwant welcomes Sarabjeet. Meher shouts Manav’s name.

Meher comes first floor. Kulwant spills tea on Sarab’s jacket. She says sorry. Sarab says it’s alright. He goes to bathroom. Meher is in passageway. Kulwant says on the off chance that she says anything I will slaughter her. Kulwant comes there. She diverts Sarabjeet.

Precap-Meher meets Sarab. She says I need to discuss something significant.

Kuldeep comes to Raghbir and requests that he complete blood test. Raghbir says I am terrified of blood. Pragati supposes then for what reason did you violate my wellbeing? Pragati says I cannot complete test as I have fever. Raghbir leaves. Pragati tells specialist that she will get Raghbir’s blood test for him. Nakul and Shalu are battling. Beeji advances another show.

Raghbir is in his room and strained. Pragati says for what reason would you say you are so stressed? You were not terrified of blood previously. Raghbir reviews flashback how police found on blood secured material from Bani and nothing. Pragati makes Raghbir plunk down and says think regarding something different and dont look, it wont hurt. She wipes his arm and says dont look down, is it associated with Bani? Raghbir says I discovered Bani’s tissue with blood on it. Pragati thinks Raghbir is a specialist in acting at this point. Pragati says you were lyin, nothing transpired seeing blood. She indicates him infusion loaded up with blood that she took and says its done. Raghbir is shocked, she leaves. Raghbir says there is something about that young lady.

Aditi says why she was frightened of DNA test? She is concealing something and we need to discover it. Gulshan says to Pragati that Raghbir attempted to slaughter you? Did he cherish you? Dont go there, its hazardous. Pragati says no I need to discover why he did it and open him to world, he acts like he cannot love any other person however I need to tell that he is a heathen. Gulshan says by what means will do it? Pragati demonstrates a fluid and says in the event that somebody drinks it, at that point they begin proclaiming truth, I realize when to utilize it on Raghbir.

Devraj discloses to Harshit that its great Dev’s family didnt break business bargain. Harshit says this is a result of Raghbir. Raghbir comes there and drinking. Kuldeep says media is coming so dont drink. Tia says Harshit can deal with press, Raghbir doesnt realize what he is stating once he is smashed. Kuldeep says Raghbir split this arrangement so he will deal with press, she requests that he prepare. All relatives are irate. Raghbir asks Harshit to do press meet. Devraj asks Raghbir to deal with them, its useful for PR.

Pragati comes to press meet and supposes I can uncover Raghbir here infront of all. Aditi asks where were you? Pragati says I went to meet Gulshan. Aditi says yet you were sick? Pragati says I am feeling good. She leaves. Mother discloses to Aditi that she knows something. He demonstrates her blood test pack and says we need a drop of her blood to complete DNA test.

Precap: Pragati blends fluid in kheer and offers it to Raghbir, she supposes now he will tell truth infront of all.


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