Bepanah Pyaar 30th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pragati opening the storage compartment. Kunti goes to the storm cellar and says Pragati’s voice was originating from here as it were.

Pragati peruses the old news stories about Bani. Kunti chases for Pragati.

Pragati hears a chronicle of Bani and Raghbir. Raghbir in a discussion says he may slaughter her in indignation. She stands stunned. Kunti sees Pragati’s blood and checks the storm cellar entryway. Recorder stops in the middle.

Raghbir reviews his minutes with Bani and beverages. He sings Kya Hua Tera Wada tune.

Pragati finds a similar hatchet that was cutting Bani’s wood. She stands stunned and reviews Raghbir’s pledge in flashback. Pragati infers that Raghbir has murdered Bani. Blocks began falling.

Raghbir’s liquor gets over. He goes to verge another container. Raghbir looks for Kunti and reviews the flashback. He says she has gone to look Pragati. Pragati battles to turn out from the cellar.

Pragtai calls for assistance. Kunti hears her voice and stresses for her. She advises to Raghbir that Pragati’s voice is originating from the storm cellar. Raghbir breaks the seal by his hand. He harms his hand. Pragati races to spare her.

Raghbir takes Pragati. Pragati swoons. Raghbir conveys her in his arms. He attempts to wake her up. Raghbir wipes dust from Pragati’s cheek. Kunti sees the injury on Pragati’s leg and goes to bring emergency treatment.

Pragati opens her eyes and reviews the flashback. She frenzies seeing Raghbir. Raghbir request that her take rest. Pragati runs out from his room.

Pragati serves breakfast for Raghbir and Kunti. Harshit, Shefali and Nakul too seek the morning meal. Shefali approaches Pragati to sit for the morning meal. Pragati says she will have later and goes.

Kunti gives her guarantee to Raghbir and says they all will perk up Pragati.

Pragati in her room thinks and says it is affirm that Ragbhir has murdered Bani. Nakul comes and says Kunti. Pragati gets terrified and rushes to check her. Raghbir, Harshit, Kunti, Shefali and Bebe perform on (Wakra Swag Song) for Pragati. Pragati attempts to pardon herself yet everybody stops her. Aditi and other relative takes a gander at them from far.

Pragati goes and going to fall. Raghbir runs and gets her. Kunti and everybody come and ask what befell her.

Ragbhir takes her to his room. Kunti ask Raghbir to apply treatment on her foot. Pragati says she is fine. Raghbir says in the event that she won’t hear to him than he will hurt her second foot as well. Raghbir applies treatment. Pragati takes a gander at him.

Precap: Pragati advises to Raghbir that she is Bani.

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