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Pragati is standing by the window when her father enters. He is coughing badly. He asks her to take his friend’s car and go back. She asks him if he is asking her to leave. He says no father says that. He actually sends her to her actual house. You first got your house and then your husband. You should stay there only. Relations break when the decisions falter. You vowed to be with Raghbir and now you have left him. I admit that Raghbir scolds her at times and turns rude but you should realise his love for you behind those words. You left this house with a doubt in your mind towards him but you have returned with love for him. You aren’t angry because he scolded you. It is because you are missing him. He loves Baani truly. He is a true lover. You respect such people. Get him out of that guilt.

He still considers himself guilty for what happened to Baani. You must go. Go to your Raghbir. Don’t take Ring Road. She smiles.
Entire city is on fire due to a political decision. Nakul shows the news to his father. Devraj gathers everyone in the living room. Everyone will stay at home. They realise that Raghbir has gone to bring Pragati. Gopi asks Devraj to call Raghbir asap.

Raghbir says I am mad to react on anything. Why did I do that when I know Pragati wont do it? I will pacify her. He receives his father’s call who asks him to come back asap but Raghbir says I will come soon with Pragati. Badi Ma makes him call Raghbir again but there is no network. They aren’t able to reach Pragati either. Aditi blames Pragati yet again. Badi Ma asks her why she blames Pragati always. What should we do now?

Raghbir reaches Pragati house and meets her father. Pragati’s father says you came home and she just left to see you. Raghbir tells him about the riots in the city. I will go check on her. Pragati’s father tells him to stay at home. I will find her. Raghbir assures him he will find her. How did she go? Pragati’s father tells him the car details and route she took. Raghbir leaves. Pragati’s father prays for her well being.

Pragati thinks papa was right. Raghbir may go away from me but I shouldn’t do that. I am his Baani after all. She stops the car upon noticing the chaos on the road. She hides in the trunk of the car. Few goons plan to set the car on fire after making sure it is empty (without checking the trunk).

Raghbir is looking for Pragati. I just hope you are safe wherever you are.

Pragati is in a fix. I cannot get out of here. Please help me. The goons notice Raghbir’s car and are about to attack him. Pragati runs out. The goons start chasing her instead.

Raghbir hopes Pragati isn’t in any danger. I should take main road. He thinks what if the same guys hurt Pragati. He slaps his face. Nothing can happen to Pragati. Don’t think like that! There is no network here. He suddenly notices a lady lying unconscious on a cart. He walks towards her in shock but it turns out to be some other lady. He sighs in relief.

The goons are still chasing Pragati.

No one is able to reach either Raghbir or Pragati. They stop Nakul from going after them. Badi Ma wonders how to find out if Raghbir reached Pragati’s house or not. They receive a call from Pragati’s father on the landline. He asks about Raghbir and Pragati and is shocked to know that they haven’t reached yet. Pragati had left before Raghbir reached here. He left to look for her. The line drops. Badi Ma tells Devraj about it. Everyone gets tensed except Harshit. I would have been trapped if I had killed Pragati but no one punishes a crowd of people!

Pragati is running in the jungle when Raghbir pulls her suddenly. They both tumble on the grass. Goons head in another direction. Raghbir and Pragati share an eye lock. She is about to say something but he keeps his hand over her mouth and signals her against it. They hide behind a tree to save themselves from the goons who head in different directions. Raghbir and Pragati are standing close. He looks at her quietly. They lean closer for a kiss. Suddenly a goon hits him on his head from behind. He is about to strike again but this time Pragati holds the stick and hits him instead. Raghbir tells her to let him go. He will die. She says he hit you. He gets hurt as well. You are not a simple woman. She nods. I can turn into Mary Kom when required. He lifts her to save the guy. They notice other goons coming and run.

Malhotra family prays for Raghbir and Pragati.

The goons surround Raghbir and Pragati. Raghbir handles them one by one and beats them all.

Raghbir’s family prays for their well being.

Pragati asks Raghbir if he couldn’t don this avatar earlier. He advises her to run before the relatives of these goons come. They run.

Harshit prays that the goons should catch hold of Pragati. We should only get to do her last rites.

Pragati gets tired. She has left her phone in the car while his phone has no network. He says we need to spend the night here tonight. She asks about resort but he says we will have to stay in the jungle itself. She refuses and turns to go when lightning strikes. She hugs him out of fear. Romantic song plays. Raghbir thinks of their past moments as he pats at her head.

Precap: Raghbir and Pragati have lit fire. She is wearing a sarong. He says I want you to promise one thing. I hope you will never break it. They spend romantic moments together.


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