Bepanah Pyaar 3rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Priya comes there yet is seeing her telephone always. She sits with her life partner. Her mom takes telephone from her. They state lets begin service, Raghbir will come. Harshi reveals to Aditi that Pragati will bring Raghbir. Pragati brings Raghbir out of washroom and says I am upset for shouting at you, consider family, its significant day for Priya. She brings emergency treatment box and gives him prescription. Tum se karun plays..

Raghbir reviews Bani tumbling from precipice. Pragati brings his shirt and requests that he prepare.. mahiya plays. Pragati sees him not moving and says please sir.. prepare. He doesnt tune in. Pragati removes his coat and makes him wear new shirt and tie. Raghbir says Bani used to do this, sawere plays. He takes a tie and leaves.

Priya and man of the hour represent commitment. Priya says where is Akshay? Pragati says to Raghbir that I am upset for driving you however I dont need a battle, I know how you feel. Raghbir says you dont, it’s not possible for anyone to comprehend my affection, I dont need anything in life now, I didnt bite the dust today so I will live in my style today.

Commitment service begins. Priya trade rings with husband to be. All applaud them. Visitor asks where is Raghbir? Raghbir comes there and plays dhol, he says sibling is dependably there for sister. He plays dhol and moves on jogi mahi.. He is in agony however continues moving. Pragati comes there and is dismal to see him like that. Raghbir makes all relatives move and leaves. He breaks glass in his grasp reviewing Bani. Harshit embraces him. Raghbir proceeds to bring Pragati, he moves around her however she stops him. Harshit asks how is he? Raghbir says so imagine a scenario in which my better half kicked the bucket today. they are elderly folks individuals, we ought to celebrate for new individuals, I am upbeat for Priya. He continues moving. Priya takes her telephone and leaves. Pragati goes behind her.

Pragati goes to Priya’s room and sees her crying. Priya says leave, why you are behind me? Pragati says I need to help. Priya says this is going on as a result of you, simply get out. She tosses her out of room. Pragati sees Bani’s spirit in hall and pursues her to cellar. She says you are Bani.. Soul leaves from that point. Pragati goes in storm cellar room and says Bani.. I realize you are here, what would you like to state? I am here, enlighten me concerning your mishap.. All of a sudden violent wind comes in room and compasses everything. Pragati tumbles down and sees ‘khoon (blood)’ composed on mirror. Pragati sees clasp of somebody hardening with bluff fence so Bani could tumble down. Pragati says Bani was killed? Who did it?

PRECAP-Devraj tells family that Pragati dont trust us so she wont disclose to us anything, she knows something. Aditi says she doesnt let us know since she knows something or does not understand?


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