Bepanah Pyaar 5th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Devraj tells press that Raghbir will be with them soon. A picture taker in gathering as well, its Prashant. Prashant calls Pragati and says I am here, do your work, she says I will cause him to eat that medication. She comes to see Kuldeep making Raghbir eat yogurt, she smiles and figures today he will acknowledge his wrongdoing. Tia advises Aditi to bring Harshit, he isn’t here. Raghbir goes ahead stage and begins gathering. Pragati calls Prashant and poses him to ask inquiry to Raghbir. Media gets some information about his undertaking.

Prashant says I have an inquiry, Raghbir says what regarding venture? Prashant says its not about the undertaking but rather your own life, we have heard that you had numerous young ladies in your. Harshit murmurs to Raghbir that reasonable the infront of all media here. Raghbir says you have heard wrong, I am working here. Prashant says you had a brilliant life in London, we need to realize truth as individuals tail you, there were news and photographs about you hitting the dance floor with young ladies, tell truth. Raghbir says I dont realize what you are stating, dont pose me individual inquiries. Prashant says we need to think about spouse Bani and her demise. Raghbir blows up and assaults him yet Harshit stops him.

Prashant says you need to conceal how she kicked the bucket? Is it true that she was murdered? On the off chance that she was killed, at that point why didnt you rebuff that individual? Do you know the executioner and ensuring that individual? Pragati supposes why he isn’t admitting truth? Raghbir yells at Prashant to not let out the slightest peep about Bani, she is my better half and I wont hear anything about her. Shalu comes behind Pragati and pricks a needle in her arm, she takes her blood and leaves before Pragati knows it. Raghbir leaves meeting.

Pragati goes to Raghbir’s room and sees yogurt bowl immaculate there. She feels that Kuldeep made Raghbir eat some other yogurt which didnt have my fact uncovering fluid in it. Raghbir beverages and begins breaking things in his room. Kuldeep and Harshit comes there and attempt to stop him. Raghbir yells that why they continue jabbing on my injuries? Despite everything I adore Bani, they cannot allow me to live amazing, they need me to cry and be in torment constantly? They dont even let me live with her recollections, why they do this? Bani is dead.. disclose to them she is dead, enough now, why they hurt me and incite me, I cannot hear a word without wanting to her, I will go frantic, they dont let me kick the bucket and go to Bani. Pragati covers up and sees all that.

Raghbir says this is my life, I am now broken, I cannot cry as my tears are dry, she falls and cries in Kuldeep’s arms. Harshit says I guarantee this will never happen again. Kuldeep says dont cry. Raghbir cries and says I cherish Bani a ton. Pragati reviews her adoring minutes with Raghbir.

Precap: Aditi discloses to Devraj that Kuldeep is playing family here, she is sending Pragati out with Raghbir. Imagine a scenario where Raghbir becomes more acquainted with that Bani’s demise was not a mishap. Pragati covers up and hears it.


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