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Pragati tries to tell fact to Raghbir however heavy winds blow there, they leave from there.

Dev’s family says to Aditi that something is inaccurate on this house that didnt permit pooja to manifest. Aditi says it changed into only a typhoon. Harshit says we want Priya and Dev to be happy. Mama says dont try this. Dev’s father says this isn’t an awesome omen, we needed to bear so much, we understood you however we want something in assurance, if you want this marriage to take place so deliver your different residence to Dev, all of us recognise that no pooja can appear in this residence, its cursed along with your dead daughter in law.

Raghbir comes to room and receives inebriated. Pragati tries to talk to him however he says you are weird, you visit places in which you shouldnt be, you are special, you’re sincere, Bani turned into like that.

Pragati says I wanted to speak to you, she receives name from Prashant, he says concentrate to me, did you spot something bizarre in house? I saw priest walking out of house. Pragati says sure. Prashant says dont inform anything to all of us, absolutely everyone can listen you, come and meet me, he ends name. Pragati tells Raghbir that she has to go to her father’s residence and could communicate later. She leaves. Raghbir says she is bizarre.
Sanket and Prashant meets Pragati. Pragati says there is a CCTV digicam here, dont come close to. Prashant says what I informed you became true, what came about in pooja?

Harshit says to circle of relatives that this is a blackmail. Bua says we are doing a deal. Aditi says people cant recognise what befell at pooja. Beeji says they’re grasping. Aditi says man is right so just provide him that house. Mama Gulprit brings pen from drawer, gloves fall out however Mami hides it. Devraj signs on belongings papers, all depart. Mami seems at gloves.

Prashant says to Pragati that I desired to enter Raghbir’s workplace via marrying you, Bani turned into my buddy’s cousin, she became like my sister, my buddy died but then she were given married and i got to recognize a few weird matters, I were given to recognize that pooja cant occur in that residence. Pragati tells him how Pooja changed into stopped. Prashant says they used to do pooja when Bani changed into in residence, Bani wanted to do pooja however Raghbir made a plan and took her out of residence while she died, then pooja never happened in that residence, I additionally were given to recognize that she had a huge combat with someone in house but I dont understand who. Pragati says perhaps she doesnt need pooja to happen due to the fact she turned into murdered, I know someone from own family did it.

Dev says to his own family that I dont need any property, his mom says you remain shut. Dev is going to Priya and says i am sorry, I dont want all that, Priya says not anything like this need to show up. Dev says you are satisfied with this wedding right? Priya says you are overdue with this query, she leaves.

Prashant says to Pragati that i can help you however you need to locate that assassin. Pragati says Bani want that too, i can do it for Bani. Prashant says dont inform everybody in residence, no longer even Raghbir as a person else would possibly listen it too, it could put you in risk, he can tell a person else too in drunk state. Pragati says k, the way to locate killer? Prashant says Bani died in Manali, find out who was not part of pooja three years again, that need to be killer. Pragati sees white van close by and says it continues an eye on me. Van drives away. Prashant says someone is probably keeping an eye on you, be cautious.

Priya and Dev’s mehndi function starts. Pragati comes there and says they killed a person and are celebrating?

Precap: Pragati sees Raghbir getting under the influence of alcohol and says how can someone endure so much pain? i can discover who murdered Bani and her toddler.


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