Bepanah Pyaar 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pragati comes to Kuldeep and says you didnt sleep? Kuldeep says I couldnt sleep. Pragati gives her medicine and thinks I want to inform you something. She says i have to tell you something. Kuldeep says you are first-class with family proper? They have been all whispering your call in press convention, dont worry about whatever, i am with you. Pragati says i am ok, dont fear.

In morning, Nakul is making a song. Raghbir asks him to prevent it and begins consuming. Pragati remembers him getting scared seeing Bani remaining night. Nakul asks Raghbir what took place to him? Raghbir scolds him and servants also, he leaves. Kuldeep says Pragati did she have a combat with him? She says no. Kuldeep says you’re a spouse, go and communicate to him.

Raghbir comes to Kuldeep’s room, he locks them out. Preeti asks him to pop out and devour something. Kuldeep asks him to no longer drink. Pragati says he wont open door like this. they all appearance interior his room from window. Raghbir says let me be. Kuldeep says concentrate to us. Raghbir locks window and starts offevolved drinking. Pragati begins bragging about proper food. Raghbir says I dont want it. Kuldeep says in case you dont open the door, we are able to maintain knocking. Kuldeep receives tired. Raghbir says you all are pretending. Kuldeep faints. Raghbir comes out of room and takes her from there.

medical doctor assessments Kuldeep. Aditi recollects converting her medicinal drug and says she doesnt cope with herself. Servant brings juice for her. Aditi and Shalu leaves. Pragati gives medicinal drug to Kuldeep.

Aditi tells Shalu that we can recognize fact soon, you go and convey her reports for blood check. Pragati hides and thinks if they got her blood exams done? She recalls how someone had pricked a needle in her arm earlier. She says they cant know that i am Bani.

Pragati is leaving however Raghbir says where are you going? i’ve to speak to you. Pragati says my pal is unwell so i’m going to see her. Raghbir says Kuldeep will experience awful if you dont go to her so take care of her. Kuldeep comes there and asks Pragati to go. She leaves. Raghbir brings Kuldeep to her room and asks her to take rest. Kuldeep says you act like a child, i’m first-rate. He jokes with her. Kuldeep says i get worn-out after taking those drug treatments. Raghbir says your drug treatments are completed. i’m able to deliver them.

PRECAP- Raghbir comes to sanatorium to get Kuldeep’s drug treatments and sees Pragati there. He says what are you doing here?


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