Bepanah Pyaar 6th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Devraj says Harshit took care of it. Aditi says Kuldeep is attempting to make Raghbir fine, she is attempting to remove liquor from him, on the off chance that he comes to cognizance, at that point he will scrutinize Bani’s passing and will realize that it was anything but a mishap, he realized that we were not content with his marriage with Bani, we need to get Raghbir occupied. Shalu says we can make him center around Pragati, I have Pragati’s blood tests, presently we will comprehend what she is stowing away. Pragati comes to worker quarters and meet sushma, she says I need your assistance one final time, you have that right? You will do it? Sushma gestures and takes Bani’s veil out. She wears it and pivots. Pragati looks on. Pragati says we need to bring Bani back in house to startle Raghbir, we need to discover executioner and cause him to admit. Sushma is hard of hearing and unable to speak and gestures.

Pragati says you have helped me so much, you caused everybody to accept that Bani’s spirit lives here, I made that condition to bring truth out, we need to do it, you need to help me today, if it’s not too much trouble Sushma is strained yet gestures. Pragati embraces her and says thanks to her. She leaves. Pragati is returning to her room however gets terrified seeing Raghbir there. Raghbir says for what reason would you say you are strolling during the evening? Kuldeep solicited me to take care from you, you were not in your room, what are you doing in lawn? whom would you say you were looking? He sticks her to column and inquires as to why you went there? Pragati says I heard some clamor and went to check it. Raghbir says you are stammering, you are lying.. he snickers and says I am simply kidding, they get some information about Bani like I am remaining in an observer box constantly. Pragati says you were harmed when they gotten some information about Bani? She sees twisted on his hand and says how this occurred? Accompany me.

Sushma prepares as Bani in red saree and reviews how Pragati requested that her come to gallery in 15 minutes.Pragati gauzes Raghbir’s injury and says it must damage. Raghbir says not more than somebody you cherish leaving. Pragati says I realize it hurt, he left me and afterward made meextremely upset. Raghbir says you know my agony, we share a great deal practically speaking. Pragati says you truly cherished Bani? Raghbir says you thought I was kidding? I just dont cherish her, I live her, he demonstrates his veins and says she runs like a blood in me, I live in her recollections, I was dead after her, I feel she is around me, I can feel her, taking a gander at me from some place, similar to she is exceptionally near me, similar to she is here, truly close. He goes close Pragati. Pragati reviews her minute with him when she was his Bani. Raghbir sees Bani remaining behind her and is stunned. He says Bani.. He keeps running behind her however she is no more. Raghbir says I saw Bani here. Pragati says I didnt see anybody. Raghbir says Bani was here. Pragati says it was Bani’s spirit, when somebody leaves all of a sudden they rebound to live where they need, it was Bani’s spirit. Raghbir leaves from that point. Pragati says I realized he would get frightened, one day he will tell truth himself.

Precap: Aditi discloses to Shalu that its great we got her blood tests, whats in reports? Shalu says its with specialist, I need to proceed to gather them. Pragati hears it and goes to medical clinic to gather reports. Shalu comes there and sees her.


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