Bepanah Pyaar 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Raghbir involves medical institution. Pragati is there too. Shalu comes there and sees Raghbir. She hides. a kid is set to touch a circuit board however Raghbir saves him and scolds his mom. Pragati hides and says what he is doing here? I should get checks earlier than Shalu. Shalu thinks Raghbir cant see me.

Raghbir comes to nurse and says I need to fulfill Kuldeep’s doctor. He turns to peer Pragati there and asks what are you doing here? Pragati argues with him and says i’ve come to meet a pal who is unwell, you ask too much questions. Raghbir says you are dumb, i’m your husband so i will meet your pal. Pragati says no. Raghbir says you’re insecure that she may fall for me. Pragati says why are you right here? You cant meet her. Raghbir says I came to satisfy Kuldeep’s health practitioner, lets meet your friend. He starts offevolved going together with her. Pragati thinks in which to take him? She is tensed. Raghbir says you dont recognize her room wide variety? I feel like your friend is a man. Pragati says you’re doubting me? Raghbir says i can. He calls a nurse and asks her to tell her friend’s call. Pragati says I dont take into account. She sees a psychiatric ward and says she is interior, you cant go inside, she is not mentally stable. you can meet her in case you want. Raghbir receives a call. Pragati leaves.

Shalu sees Raghbir and turns to depart. Raghbir sees her back and is going to test on her however Shalu leaves. Raghbir thinks what Shalu turned into doing right here? He sees a few other girl and says sorry. Shalu hides under a table far from Raghbir. Raghbir leaves. Shalu sighs.

Raghbir calls Pragati and comes outdoor psychiatric ward to test on her. He looks interior and reveals nobody. Nurse tells him there’s no patient internal. Raghbir thinks she lied to me however why?

Pragati sees nurse giving her record to Shalu. Pragati hides and sees it. Shalu reads reviews and says I cant recognize. Nurse says you may have to wait for medical doctor, she leaves. Pragati thinks that I must get reviews from her. Raghbir comes to Pragati and says you had been mendacity, there has been no patient in that ward. Pragati says she is in custody. Raghbir says I care for you. Pragati says then accept as true with me. Raghbir says you concentrate to me.. Pragati says allow me do my work. Raghbir pins her to a door and says what is your problem? You dont like me? He comes nearer, door opens and they crumple. He asks if she is excellent? She says sure. She tries to open the door however its locked. She says its your fault. Raghbir says let me strive, he attempts but it doesnt open. Pragati laughs at him. She thinks that I need to depart before Shalu receives record. She asks for assist. Raghbir sees no network on his cellphone. Pragati says we are locked here, Raghbir says stop panicking. Pragati is going near window and thinks I should leave from here.

PRECAP- Pragati does Raghbir’s hand band-aid and says i have relied on and loved Bani handiest but it appears like i can consider you, while you begin feeling ache of someone else you then understand there are feelings. when I see your concern for my wounds, I start feeling matters which died in me, individual who has bepanah pyar can sense those.


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