Bepanah Pyaar 7th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Nakul is singing. Raghbir requests that he stop it and begins drinking. Pragati reviews him getting terrified seeing Bani the previous evening. Nakul asks Raghbir what befell him? Raghbir chides him and workers likewise, he leaves. Kuldeep says Pragati did she have a battle with him? She says no. Kuldeep says you are a spouse, proceed to converse with him.

Raghbir goes to Kuldeep’s room, he bolts them out. Preeti requests that he turn out and eat something. Kuldeep requests that he not drink. Pragati says he wont open entryway like this. They all look inside his room from window. Raghbir says let me be. Kuldeep says hear us out. Raghbir locks window and begins drinking. Pragati begins boasting about great nourishment. Raghbir says I dont need it. Kuldeep says in the event that you dont open the entryway, we will continue thumping. Kuldeep gets worn out. Raghbir says all of you are imagining. Kuldeep swoons. Raghbir leaves room and takes her from that point.

Doctor checks Kuldeep. Aditi changed her medication and says she doesnt deal with herself. Worker brings juice for her. Aditi and Shalu leaves. Pragati offers medication to Kuldeep.

Aditi discloses to Shalu that we will know truth soon, you proceed to bring her reports for blood test. Pragati covers up and supposes on the off chance that they completed her blood tests? She reviews how somebody had pricked a needle in her arm prior. She says they cannot realize that I am Bani.

Pragati is leaving yet Raghbir says where are you going? I need to converse with you. Pragati says my companion is sick so I am going to see her. Raghbir says Kuldeep will feel awful in the event that you dont go to her so deal with her. Kuldeep comes there and asks Pragati to go. She leaves. Raghbir brings Kuldeep to her room and requests that her take rest. Kuldeep says you act like a child, I am fine. He jokes with her. Kuldeep says I am getting worn out in the wake of taking these drugs. Raghbir says your meds are done. I will bring them.

Precap: Raghbir comes to clinic to get Kuldeep’s drugs and sees Pragati there. He says what are you doing here?


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