Bepanah Pyaar 8th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Dev’s family says to Aditi that something isn’t right in this house didnt permit pooja to occur. Aditi says it was only a tempest. Harshit says we need Priya and Dev to be glad. Mom says dont do this. Dev’s dad says this is certainly not a promising sign, we needed to tolerate so much, we got you yet we need something in confirmation, in the event that you need this marriage to occur so give your other house to Dev, we as a whole realize that no pooja can occur in this house, its reviled with your dead little girl in law.

Raghbir comes to room and gets alcoholic. Pragati attempts to converse with him yet he says you are abnormal, you go to places where you shouldnt be, you are unique, you are straightforward, Bani was that way.

Pragati says I needed to converse with you, she gets call from Prashant, he says hear me out, did you see something peculiar in house? I saw cleric coming up short on house. Pragati says yes. Prashant says dont advise anything to anybody, anybody can hear you, come and meet me, he closures call. Pragati reveals to Raghbir that she needs to go to her dad’s home and will talk later. She leaves. Raghbir says she is strange.

Sanket and Prashant meets Pragati. Pragati says there is a CCTV camera here, dont draw close. Prashant says what I let you know was valid, what occurred in pooja?

Harshit says to family this is an extortion. Bua says we are completing an arrangement. Aditi says individuals cannot realize what occurred at pooja. Beeji says they are eager. Aditi says fellow is great so simply give him that house. Mom Gulprit brings pen from cabinet, gloves drop out however Mami shrouds it. Devraj signs on property papers, all leave. Mami takes a gander at gloves.

Prashant says to Pragati that I needed to enter Raghbir’s office by wedding you, Bani was my companion’s cousin, she resembled my sister, my companion passed on yet then she got hitched and I became more acquainted with some unusual things, I became more acquainted with that pooja cannot occur in that house. Pragati reveals to him how Pooja was ceased. Prashant says they used to do pooja when Bani was in house, Bani needed to do pooja yet Raghbir made an arrangement and removed her from house when she kicked the bucket, at that point pooja never occurred in that house, I likewise became more acquainted with that she had a major battle with somebody in house yet I dont know who. Pragati says possibly she doesnt need pooja to happen on the grounds that she was killed, I know somebody from family did it.

Dev says to his family that I dont need any property, his mom says you stay shut. Dev goes to Priya and says I am grieved, I dont need all that, Priya says in no way like this ought to occur. Dev says you are content with this wedding right? Priya says you are late with this inquiry, she leaves.

Prashant says to Pragati that I will support you however you need to find that killer. Pragati says Bani need that as well, I will do it for Bani. Prashant says dont tell anybody in house, not by any means Raghbir as another person may hear it as well, it can place you in peril, he can tell another person also in alcoholic state. Pragati says alright, how to discover executioner? Prashant says Bani passed on in Manali, discover who was not part of pooja 3 years back, that must be executioner. Pragati sees white van close-by and says it watches out for me. Van heads out. Prashant says somebody may watch out for you, be cautious.

Priya and Dev’s mehndi capacity begins. Pragati comes there and says they murdered somebody and are celebrating?

Precap: Pragati sees Raghbir getting alcoholic and says how might somebody bear so much torment? I will discover who killed Bani and her child.


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