Bepanah Pyaar 9th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Doctor comes to meet Shalu. Pragati covers up and sees him. Doctor begins perusing Pragati’s report. Pragati thinks and all of a sudden smoke fills in room. Doctor and Shalu surges out from that point. Pragati goes in room and takes her document. She bounces from window. Shalu comes in room and sees report missing, she says where did report? She glances around and says Aditi will execute me. Pragati is fleeing with her records when Raghbir goes to her, report tumbles down. Raghbir says you can return home with me. She takes her. Somebody with dark gloves take report from that point. Pragati returns and sees report not on floor. She says where did document go?

Sia approaches Harshit to bring dessert for her, he says I am tired, she says please. He says OK. Devraj is playing carom with Raghbir. Harshit comes there as well. Devraj and Harshit converses with Pragati about Raghbir’s secondary school squash and how her sibling beat him. Raghbir chuckles. Pragati supposes he has tricked everybody like this. Sia comes there and says you didnt bring frozen yogurt? Harshit says we were looking at something significant. Raghbir says he was simply aggravating us. Sia chastens him. Harshit asks Raghbir to not lie. Raghbir says he couldnt notwithstanding bring frozen yogurt for her and said she is disturbing. Sia begins battling with Harshit. Harshit says he is lying, I am not going. Sia says dont see me notwithstanding when I kick the bucket, he says fine. The two of them leave. Pragati says they will battle today. Raghbir says great. Pragati says we need to bring frozen yogurt for her. Devraj says go.

Raghbir and Pragati are in vehicle, they contend over music. Pragati plays sentimental music. Raghbir says I will rest tuning in to this. Raghbir goes to frozen yogurt slow down. He requests Vanilla. Pragati says Strawberry, she will like that. They contend over that as well. Vender says I just have chocolate frozen yogurt. Pragati says she prefers strawberry, Raghbir says when we give her with adoration then she will like it. They begin leaving yet Pragati tumbles down. Raghbir hurries to her and says be cautious, imagine a scenario where something occurred. He wipes her hand. Pragati affectionately takes a gander at him.

Precap: Pragati says to Raghbit that lets have a wagered, I will complete liquor bottle before you. The two of them get alcoholic together and jabber.


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