Bepanah Pyaar 9th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Pragati says how might he bear so much agony? He would have a family at this point, he should know truth that Bani was executed. Raghbir comes to mehndi and says to Beeji that we ought to commend a bit. Bua says let me demonstrate to you. She begins moving around him, he chuckles and moves nachde ne sary. Pragati grins seeing him Happy. Raghbir hits the dance floor with family and appreciates. Pragati leaves from that point. Mami and Aditi sees her going.

Pragati comes to storm cellar and says how to discover who was that individual 3 years back? She sees a shadow and says Bani its you? would you be able to reveal to me who was it? She begins going close shadow however all of a sudden it disappears. Pragati glances around. All relatives are moving in capacity. Raghbir appreciates as well. Pragati says I need to discover some evidence. She glances around in stuff and says there is not all that much. She sees an organizer and opens it. She finds a crate and opens it. There is a collection of photographs dates 2016. She takes a gander at photographs and sees just 4 individuals in havan photograph. Pragati says in what capacity will I know was not there?

Pragati converses with a worker and gets some information about pooja 3 years back. Worker says there were just 4 individuals in pooja. I dont recall precisely yet that day Harshit and Prerna was out of city, Devraj left for specialist as well and didnt rebound home, Aditi was not home as well. I dont recollect precisely yet I used to take note of drivers’ planning and I have a journal of that, Pragati requests that her bring it, hireling Shanti leaves.

Pragati says many individuals were feeling the loss of that day. She hears a shout and goes in storm cellar to see Shanti lying dead there with blood on her brow, Pragati is stunned and cries. All are pitiful, Raghbir requests that kin not be miserable about Priya leaving. Raghbir embraces Priya and all others. Executioner snatches Pragati from behind and requests that her avoid all that. Raghbir inquires as to whether she is glad? Priya says yes. Raghbir says on the off chance that you have anything, at that point you can let me know. Priya gestures and leaves.

Precap: Pragati is fleeing. Raghbir stops her and asks what was the deal? Pragati fits and says Shanti.. accompany me.


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