Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Vibhuti asks Tiwari so did they beat you, Tiwari says sure to thank God Angoori stored me, Vibhu says this is the relationship, appearance angooris both brains are energetic, her violence mind was energetic given that she noticed you been overwhelmed and this is making her behave this manner and so enjoy it, that’s the way to deal with it, and your prices are 2500.

Tiwari waiting in the bedroom for Angoori and says god knows what’s going to she hit me nowadays with, Angoori walks in, Tiwari says i used to be waiting for you, what you bought today, Angoori shows belt, Tiwari says begin cmon. Angoori thinks oh he’s taking part in it, this indicates its working, Angoori begins hitting. tiwari acts as if he’s taking part in, and says i love you, Angoori receives satisfied and says i like you too.

Hapu says to Putan dare you, Gulfamkali says he is my lifestyles dont insult him, Hapu says im your life, he’s a thief, Gulfamkali says you’ve got lost demanding situations, Hapu says i want one more risk, and i wager I’m able to win, Putan says k deliver him a danger Gulfamkali, and in case you loose now dare you to show your face.

Gulfamkali says here are a bowl full of Mirchi powder and one that finishes first will win,putan says i will devour first, hapu says ok, putan begins having it, Hapu in shock. Hapu asks you don’t even need water, Putan says he won’t make it for the venture forget about it , hapu says supply here i’m able to have it, Hapu starts asking for water and runs away.

Vibhuti on an information channel, being interviewed. A reporter says you are the god to those humans, Vibhu greets the audience and says i really like it, it’s an exceptional feeling, Saxena says why received’t he, he turned into unemployed once. A reporter says i heard you are your wives slave,Vibhu says every husband is, Saxena asks do you adore me, Vibhuti says shut up, Vibhu says these are my sufferers, Angoori says his treatment is operating.

Peon and major looking it, predominant says i don’t recollect giving him a diploma, peon says you probably did few days returned, important says it wasn’t for him, he is from Kanpur and useless, you gave to incorrect character. peon says I’m sorry what’s going to we do now, predominant says we need to do something it’s our college recognition in any case. Boys arrive and start cheering for Vibhuti.

Prem says what vibhu did with my spouse god is aware of she has calmed down a lot, he has brought happiness returned in our lives, boys say very true, Prem says let’s do something for him, boys say let’s deliver him steeply-priced wine. master scolds them, Gupta says we need to appreciate him with flora and garlands, grasp asks teeka to head invite Vibhuti.

Precap:- Vibhuti says bhabhiji its valentine’s day. Amaji calls and says you two can’t have a good time valentine’s, Tiwari thinks i can rejoice with bhabhiiji and that too in lakh in puri.

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