Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Vibhu walks to Angoori and asks why is she dissatisfied,Angoori says amaji called and she or he said pandit rampal requested me and Tiwari now not to rejoice Valentine’s day. Vibhu says yea, Angoori says whats excellent in it, Vibhu says nothing pay attention to me if you need to have a good time, have a good time with people round you, Angoori says amaji is busy too,Vibhu says therez international beyond them, Angoori says bhori however she is busy together with her husband, Vibhu says good-looking boys round you, Angoori says yes daddy putan i’m able to have fun with them.Vibhu says there’s someone else who loves you greater than him. Angoori says oh milk on gasoline and runs.

Tiwari walks in and says i was looking for you and you are here, simply bhabhijis range isnt handy,Vibhu says sure she modified it and requested me not to present you as you keep annoying.

Boys arrive at gulfamkalis region and fight for her, gulfamkali walks to them, boys ask her to pick out, gulfamkali struggling with bloodless says i want I ought to spend with you but im suffering in bloodless,and continues sneezing on them,boys depart.

Vibhu anticipating Angoori in a restaurant all organized in Valentine’s day theme, Angoori walks in and wishes him, each dance on a romantic track. Vibhu realises it become his creativeness, Tiwari shooks him, Vibhu asks when did you come,Tiwari says when you have been saying bhabhiji i love you and who’s this bhabhiji, Vibhu makes an excuses. Tiwari says anyways appearance i were given us beverages.

Boys partying, and begin eyeing on every lady,teeka says each boy has his personal girlfriend, tilu says our terrible good fortune. Boys begin consuming. Saxena dressed as female stroll in the membership. Malkan says have a look at that woman, boys fall for him, teeka says however why will she come to us, Saxena walks to them and starts flirting, and introduces himself as Tina.Tina says boys i love you and i want to give you nicknames, Teeka as Kalu, malkan as malu and tilu as tilu. Tina says we’re buddies now let’s dance.

Vibhu under the influence of alcohol, tiwari keepa boozing him, Vibhu says you aren’t ingesting, Tiwari says because im no longer drunker such as you, and begins taking facts approximately Anu from Vibhu. Vibhu says she is going lucknow, and gives the address. Tiwari says and the wide variety,Vibhu says im so sorry she strictly asked me now not to, tiwari makes any other drink. Vibhu says dont, Tiwari says cmon for the sake of our friendship,Vibhu says okay. Vibhu goes to kitchen, Tiwari takes range from Vibhu cellular. Angoori walks in and says im waiting for you and you’re drinking. Vibhu walks and says welcome bhabhiji and might you like a drink, Tiwari says she doesn’t drink,vibhu says its a modern world cmon, Angoori says lets go he is out of manipulate and both leave.

Tina walks to teeka and holds his hand and says child,teeka says careful a person will watch us,tina says its Valentine’s day, teeka says in this day if we send romantic day openly we will be hit badly, Tina says ok let’s meet at motel motichur disco,teeka says deal but you gained’t tell tilu and malkan, tina says promise

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