Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th July 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Angooru opens entryway and sees a wedded couole at entryway, she sees Tiwari is the hitched groom, Tiwari says I wedded again she is my subsequent spouse, Angoori is stunned and begins crying, and inquires as to for what reason did you do that, Tiwari says im tired of your ineptitude go out, Angoori awakens from her fantasy yelling, Tiwari asks whats wrong, Angoori figures I shouldn’t let him know and says I envisioned that a bull wedded another bovine and I felt terrible, Tiwari giggles at her and rests.

Anu and Vibhu watching film, Vibhu says intriguing film, Anu says honest film, Vibhu says simply like bhabhiji and scalawag simply like Tiwari, Anu says for what reason did you acquire them each conversation, Vibhu says its such an idiotic inquiry, they are our neighbors, and love your neighbors its said in books, Anu says no books state that, Anu says serenade saheli magazine said keep your neighbors at separation, Vibhu says that author has house in wildernesses since she found her significant other in the act and do you ponder me, Anu says no im trying to say keep separation, Vibhu figures I can never keep good ways from bhabhiji and says lets rest.

Tiwari with a café examining business, he says this business is on my spouses name Romola, she will be here in Lucknow and afterward Kanpur, Tiwari says might want to see her , customers says I confide in you so im saying fulfill my better half show her Kanpur and 25Cr request is yours, Tiwari gets call from Amaji and she discloses to him that pandit Rampal has given a kadha and nobody should think about it not even Angoori, and I need snappy outcomes, Tiwari says for what reason is there poison in it, Amaji says shut up,i will dubiously hand you kadha and you offer it to her this will help Angoori imagine.

Angoori stressed over her fantasy, Vibhu strolls to her and asks whats wrong, Angoori informs him concerning her fantasy, Vibhu begins snickering and says great dream, Angoori chides him and asks whats brilliant in this, Vibhu says I was simply kidding what was time when you imagined about it, Angoori says early morning around 4, Vibhu says sorry at that point dreams around this opportunity do arrive valid, similar to I envisioned about Anu tossing me out and she did, Angoori says whats new in it she continues doing that to you, yet is this reality valid, Vibhu says truly, Angoori says then I will bite the dust, Vibhu says no you wont you will show him a thing or two, you give him separate, along these lines you wont feel terrible, Saxena strolls to them conversing with a doll, Vibhu asks whats hogwash is this, Saxena says she is my better half Senorita. Vibhu asks Angoori to think on what he said.

Tilu clicking pictures of Happu with Teeka and Malkhan, Tilu asks Teeka to click his image with others, Teeka clicks Tilus picture with Happu, Malkan pulls Happu and says now I will, everybody begins pullinh Happu, Happu chastens young men and state im here to initiate your office act appropriately, Tilu says sorry and ask happu to cut the strip. Teeka expresses gratitude toward Happu for introducing their analyst organization, Happu says im upbeat you are working, buckle down, co-work with Police, Malkhan requests tips, Happu says you have begun great job, presently listen cautiously orchestrate drinks and nonveg for me today.

Vibhu strolls to Anu and educates her concerning Angooris dream, and says I think Tiwari can do it and im stressed for her, Anu asks what else, do you wish to state something as its an extraordinary day, Vibhu says its not your birthday not neighbors birthday, Anu says again neighbors cant you consider something different, Vibhu says in no way like that, what are you attempting to state, Anu says you never get me, never consider me,Vibhu says I recollect, Anu asks so what is exceptional today, Vibhu attempts his karma and afterward apologize to Anu, Anu says it’s our kiss anniversary,today you and kissed me strongly on my cheeks

Precp : Vibhu sees Tiwari with customers spouse and advises Angoori about it and requests that her keep an eye on Tiwari.


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