Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me 

Angoori on a call with bhuri tells her on amajis orders she isn’t celebrating valentine’s day. Tiwari walks to her and asks what’s happening, Angoori tells her about bhuris valentine’s day plan. Tiwari says k I’m going to look, consumer, Angoori says, however, its valentine’s day, Tiwari says anyway we aren’t celebrating, and my mind is out too and so i higher move Lucknow and see the patron, Angoori says ok bye.

Angoori in kitchen making a song, Vibhuti walks to her and asks is she coming in the night, Angoori asks but its valentine’s day and i’m able to have a good time with Tiwari but amaji additionally requested me not to rejoice, Vibhuti says i didn’t call you for that,i called you to examine verses of Baba ashiqanands, and Anu isn’t here too, Angoori says i would really like to look you inside the night.

Tina meets malkan and says darling i want to spend romantic time with you, malkan blushes and says no lady ever said this to me, tina says never will and tonight let’s have a good time at hotel mitochor disco, Malkan says accomplished simply don’t inform my friends, Tina says done.

Tiwari sees a female gardening and says oh bhabhiji, and walks in and says bhabhiji, she asks who’re you seeking out, Tiwari says anita bhabhi, she asks anu and who’re you, Tiwari says im her neighbour simply inform her about me, she says Anu went Delhi for a meeting, amaji calls Tiwari and says quickly cross back to Angoori,as your terrible instances have finished, Tiwari says ok, amaji says go surprise Angoori now.

Vibhuti made all preparations for valentine’s, Angoori walks in, Vibhu seems at her and says wow, Angoori asks why this decoration,Vibhu says its recommended to hear verses on this scenery, Angoori says k cross ahead, Vibhu starts narrations and says baba’s lady buddy is also named Angoori so the resemblances, Vibhuti names anu, Angoori asks why anu, Vibhu says baba’s wife’s name is Anu, Angoori laughs and says only distinction is baba isn’t named Vibhuti.

Teeka Malkan arrive inside the disco and spot each other and are surprised, Tilu arrives too and asks what are you two doing, teeka says you inform, boys make faux excuses to every different about not having a laugh and leaving the disc, Tina walks in and says hi boys clearly i date many boys at a time and so i knew as you three, Malkan says we don’t love it make a choice select, Tina says okay i really like nobody, you don’t deserve me unpleasant fools because it Saxena and gets rid of his wig,

Vibhuti continues narrating stories, Tiwari runs internal and says my sweetheart Angoori, Angoori says carried out with meeting, Tiwari says overlook all that we are able to have fun now, however, you right here, Angoori says yes he invited, Tiwari says Vibhu leave us by myself and allow us to experience, Vibhu walks out and sits out of doors alone.

Precap:- None

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