Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Tiwari asks.vibhu what is he doing in their room, Vibhu says daddy has me selected me as her better half, tiwari says its a demonstration, vibhu says that is the thing that uncle can go into the room and all will be mess so get down and rest, Angoori says he is correct don’t contend go first floor. tiwari says sick first you go to your room.

Tiwari calls Angoori and thinks on occasion I believe I committed an error wedding her,her daddy pesters me to such an extent. Angoori asks where are you lost. Daddy strolls in, Angoori asks is uncle coming, Daddy says yes however issue is I said Tiwari is a rich teacher, Angoori says so are we, Daddy says I don’t see hirelings, tiwari says where will I get one from, daddy says take a gander at yourself you appear as though one, Angoori says he is correct.

Young men at tea stall,teeka says my companion is wedding, Malkan says when will we, Gupta and saxena says not in your cards you are physically frail, young men ask any solution,saxena says no utilization we may support you however you don’t merit, young men solicitation to help, Saxena says alright me and specialist have concocted an infusion, it likewise fills in as a magnet and pulls in. Saxena infuses young men.

Uncle strolls in Tiwari house, Vibhu invites him as tiwari and cas Angoori. Tiwari as worker. vibhu says he is teacher in USA. Angoori says uncle come lets talk. Uncle says Angoori I saw you last time when I advanced your father 14 lakhs and furthermore couldn’t go to your wedding,uncle focuses at tiwari and asks who is he, Vibhu says kaddu my servant,kaddu run welcome uncle with hey tea. uncle says great boy,vibhu says his entire family worked for mine.tiwrai gets agitated and leaves.

Uncle says bhuri educated me concerning you, vibhu says he discusses you as well, uncle says and my credit, vibhu says yes he does, uncle says pleasantly improved house, vibhu says yes burned through 14 lakhs on inteior. vibhu tiwari and Angoori in kitchen, Tiwari upset, Angoori says we need to serve him to spare daddy. vibhu says Tiwari how childish dont be mean.tiwari says I do think about daddy yet you exploiting circumstance, vibhu says bhabhiji hear him out, Angoori says enough you two,handle the circumstance.

Angoori says kaddu give uncle some tea, Vibhu says whats at the forefront of your thoughts sweetheart, Angoori asks whats amiss with you,vibhu says we must be in character, Angoori says you are correct, Vibhu affronts tiwari too, Tilu over hears them and strolls in and asks when did Angoori bhabhi become your significant other, and shouldn’t something be said about Anu bhabhi, for what reason are you lying, its wrong to lie, Angoori says remove him.

Tiwari exits with tilu, Tiwari says tilu quiet down and clarifies him the circumstance, Tilu says whatever an individual ought to dependably talk truth and I will converse with that uncle , Tiwari says sick give you compensation with addition, Tilu says not notwithstanding when doubled,i wont lie, first’im advising this turth to my companions.

Precap Upcoming Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Episode Update: Uncle chooses to wed Tiwari to his girl.


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