Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Tiwari on call explaining putan daddy is at Vibhus. Gulfamkali walks there, Tiwari asks where are you going,Gulfamkali says Mishra house, new york vintage adorable is there,Tiwari says you imply daddy,Gulfamkali says yes,Tiwari says i request you now not to, she doesn’t concentrate and goes.

Tiwari waits for Anu, Tiwari insists her on coming domestic,she doesn’t pay attention and is going home , all people playing gulfamkalis performance, Anu walks in,and is greatly surprised, daddy says come sit down,revel in her dance, Anu says vibhu include me its essential.

Anu disenchanted says whats taking place this is my residence, Vibhu says pay attention to me, truely daddy wasnt feeling well and medical doctor recommended gulfamkali as strain buster for him, Anu asks which medical doctor,i will cancel his license,Vibhu says Gupta, Anu says im filing a case in opposition to him, and that i had asked you to send daddy at Tiwari’s,Vibhu says i attempted however he isnt agreeing.

Hapu receives a name from commissioner asking reputation about Bhorelal, Hapu says im seeking out him anywhere, master walks to him and tells about mishras house birthday party, and thrown through bhorelal. Hapu rushes to Mishra residence,bhorelal bangs the door on his face and calls vibhu, and tells hapu is right here deal with, vibhu opens the door, and asks whats incorrect, Anu walks in helmet, Hapu says once more, anyways i need bhorelal, Anu says he isnt, get lost. Hapu says change your scooter,Anu asks him to depart.

Hapu hiding out of doors Mishra house, under the influence of alcohol daddy seeing off Gulfamkali, Gulfamkali and Prem leave, Hapu grabs Bhorelal, Bhorelal calls Tiwari’s and Mishras out. Vibhu says you cant take him,Hapu says you pay commissioner then,Vibhu says take him away,Tiwari Angoori ask whats incorrect, Hapu says i cant till he can pay 5 lakh, Angoori says i can pay i can sell my jewellery,Vibhu says disgrace on you tiwari she is ready to sell jewellery however you’re so vain. Tiwari says you maintain pretty, im writing a cheque for commissioner and daddy now please are available, Daddy starts offevolved praising tiwari and walks in Tiwari house. Anu says this was my plan i had known as Hapu Singh.

Precap: Model colony celebrating independence day.


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