Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Prem on call speaking about his new business, whilst getting up,he sprains his leg,Vibhu walks to him and asks whats wrong,prem tells him about sprain, Vibhu with trick fixes it, Prem says remarkable,you are a magician where did you examine this from, Vibhu says my uncle owns a rub down parlour in china i studied there for 3 months,prem says you’re enterprise to me,im opening a chinese rub down centre for ladies,you get dressed as chinese language girl and paintings for me,we are able to earn big profit. Vibhuti says hold this silly idea with you, Prem says you are kicking splendid offer, Vibhu says get lost.

master taking tutions, Ladoo says those formulation are hard i preserve forgetting, Angoori asks why is that and says look Tiwari his memory is getting weak, Tiwari says begin giving him milk and almonds, Vibhu walks in and

says not anything will paintings and anyhow he’s going to landup to your enterprise,grasp scolds Vibhu, Tiwari says he’s vain and that is the purpose Anu bhabhi continues going Lakhimpur, Vibhu feels terrible and receives in argument with Tiwari.Angoori attempts to prevent them, Saxena walks in and asks them to chill out, Vibhu says why will i, did you heaf what he said,saxena says that may be proper, Vibhu slaps him, Tiwari says appearance complete international knows the fact,vibhu says shutup forestall trying out my patience, Angoori say enough and asks Saxena to take Vibhu away.
Angoori says to Tiwari shouldn’t have said that to Vibhuti, Tiwari says he merits it. Saxena tries to calm vibhu,and says he did say proper, Vibhu slaps him, Saxena says you could even kill Tiwari or me however truth wont change, Prem joins them, Vibhu says prem i be given your provide, saxena offers himself as assistant.

Tiwari lying on bed, Angoori walks to him, Tiwari says please deliver me returned rubdown its aching, Angoori asks why is your lower back aching, Tiwari says ama made me take dip in ganges, and so im sick,water became so cold,complete body is aching, Angoori says okay I shall come up with massage. Angoori offers him rubdown. Boys at gulfamkalis bar, boys says we desired to share something but promise you won’t inform everyone or hapu, gulfamkali says promise, boys begin accusing hapu and say why you deliver him precedence and no longer us,he is so cheap, hapu hears them wlak in and beats them.

Angoori drying garments in balcony,she sees Vibhu and greets him,vibhu smiles, Angoori says you appearance disappointed,vibhu says im insulted in your own home, Angoori says im sorry, Vibhu says why are you,he have to,Angoori says he is actually very sick having frame pain,i gave rubdown but didnt work, boys walk to them moaning in ache and narrate remaining night time incident and say we seeking out massaues. saxena start advertising for chinese rubdown centre. Tiwari asks what the noise about,and hears the advertisement, Saxena says specifically chinese language massaues imported from china,boys ask while is it beginning and upload us in, Angoori asks tiwari to add his name too, Tiwari says i dont take massages from different women, vibhu thinks you will,grasp asks for costs, every body makes a laugh of him.

Prem receives his first name for chinese rub down centre, boys walk in, prem welcomes them, and asks do they have got cash to pay,they say yes they do. prem calls Luki and Suki, vibhu and Saxena as chinese language massaues walk in, tilu says there are just two,prem says separately. Teeka asks whats your name vibhu says suki,teeka says very pretty, suki pulls him in, malkan says you’re lovely too luki,luki says let pass in.

pre cap : Vibhu says Tiwari i heard you’re in ache,you need to strive new rub down marlour. Suki massaging tiwari.


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