Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Tiwari denies for any hugs,Angoori asks what shouyi do however,Vibhu show on Tiwari, Angoori says i wont do any of such aspect, manufacturer starts offevolved flirting with Angoori, Tiwari says she says she wont do forestall forcing her. Chadda whisper to manufacturer film simply started calm down. chadda explains the scene and asks her to sing song, Angoori mimics incorrect song,vibhu corrects, Chadda says he keeps interfering this is not properly.

Tilu Malkan enters teekas workplace with a doll, teeka ignores them,tilu says look we got you present, teeka says why are you worrying me, im in lot of pressure,tilu says keep a while on your antique friend’s too appearance we were given you present, teeka takes the dog, tilu malkan say appearance he didnt forget us,he didnt alternate, teeka breaks the doll, and says gift prevalent leave now, Gulfamkali, Gulfamkali says wander off,tilu Malkan depart crying. Hapu walks in.

Chadda explaining Angoori scene, and says doli is missing her love, and enters hero, manufacturer walks to her and says Angoori you appearance tensed permit me provide you with a hug, Tiwari and Vibhu says no, Bhalla says i cant perform until i hug, Saxena says i can provide you with a hug then, chadda asks bhalla to govern and asks all of us to take positions. Hapu asks when will he get a threat, Hapu says dancing isn’t enough, Hapu says strive me, Teeka says adequate the scene is heroine is trapped by way of villian and you have to soar throw this window and act as though saving her.

Angoori starts offevolved performing, vibhu corrects her speak, chadda scolds him for his interference. Tiwaris cellphone rings in mid of taking pictures, Chadda scolds him, tiwrai says this is my house, Chadda says first my set and throws him out. Bhalla says chadda I suppose Angoori wishes to work on Punjabi,vibhu says don’t fear i’m able to help her, Angoori says yes he is brilliant trainer

Vibhu is thrown out od house too, Tiwari and Vibhuti curse bhalla and Chadda, Tiwari scolds Vibhuti too. Hapu says i must jump down,Teeka says dont fear theres chajja, hapu says ok im prepared, teeka says im movement, Hapu jumps, teeka says correct shot come again hapu singh, Gulfamkali says you made him bounce via wrong window, this window has chajja.

Vibhu disillusioned approximately throwing out of set, and says bhabhiji is so dumb but is so quite and lovable, Anu calls vibhu, Vibhuti says God anu and her crankiness. Anu says vibhu you took goodbye to warm water, vibhu says it’s no longer you and your brief tempered,each begin arguiung. Vibhu says sufficient, anu says the water isnt heat anymore get me heat one go, vibhu leaves,anu says god im seriously turning cranky.

Precap:- vibhu sees tiwari and Angoori dancing.


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