Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 22nd February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.Me

Angoori and Tiwari dancing and spending fine time in bedroom, tiwari about to kiss hee, Vibhu puts his cheek ahead, Tiwari kisses him, Angoori shouts and says what all is that this, get lost you , let me exercise my dialogues. Hapu with broken leg and hand walks to Tilu and Malkan, and says im injured, Tilu asks whats wrong Hapu, hapu says display some respect, tilu says shut up you aren’t inspector anymore, hapu says dont worry my uniform may be again soon and then i shall telk you, tilu says we are kidding.

Malkan asks how did this happen, hapu says teeka is liable for this he made me soar from first ground,malkan tells how he behaved with them, tilu says he did right,i mean we always proficient him alcohol so he’s going to sense terrible right.

Vibhu and tiwari talking about how cheap bhalla is, and asks vibhu to do something, Vibhuti says i can and why wont you, vibhu receives a call, Prem asks where are you,vibhu tells him the scenario, prem says you shouldn’t allow bhabhiji to paintings with him, he hints girls after which forces himself on them. vibhu says Tiwari if we need to save bhalla we need to do some thing.

Vibhu anf Tiwari waiting for commissioner, commissioner arrives, vibhu asks do you have a twin brother, he says sure but a manufacturer had followed him,vibhu asks os he named Harry chadda, commissioner says sure.vibhu tells him complete scene and how bhalla is a hazard. commissioner says i cant take motion till i’ve proofs.

Tilu and Malkan meet teeka and pay attention him communicate to AR Rahman, Gulfamkali says you again have a few bad site visitors, Teeka says throw them out, malkan says my pal,teeka says call me sir, malkan says we are pals however,teeka says we have been, i mean im in contact with such a lot of celebrities and you then, Tilu says you’re insulting us but we got you your favorite emblem,teeka says such reasonably-priced brand get lost. Daddy walks in and slaps Teeka and says dare you name me daddy, because you are in my existence im facing losses im bankrupt,this workplace too is gonna be sealed wander off, and remove this blazer and my stuff.

Tilu malkan take a look at teeka and begin making fun of him, Gulfamkali calls tilu and Malkan and says permit’s enjoy at my bar and leaves. saxena explaining scene to angoori,she says im very hungry, vibhu walks in and says im sorry im a bit overdue, saxena scolds him, Angoori says im very hungry, vibhu fingers her biscuits.

Chadda walks in and says shot is prepared, wherein is bhalla, tiwari says he is stuck pink handed, Chadda asks which means, commissioner walks in, chadda glad to see him, commissioner scolds him for becoming a member of bhalla in his grimy deeds and he told you advised the woman we stuck him with red handed, chadda says you’ll arrest your brother, commissioner says responsibility first. angoori says film, tiwari and Vibhuti explain her how she got saved from a situation.angoori says however my dream, Tiwari says you are my heroine, vibhu insults tiwari both get in argument,saxena says chill none of you are hero fabric, tiwari slaps him.

Precap:- amaji says tiwari and angoori must romance in public on pandit Rampal recommendation.


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