Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Vibhu watching Angooris image, Meenal walks in with Anurag,Vibhu acts as though he is talking to Anus image, Meenal says oh looks as if someone is lacking Anu, Vibhu says sure i sww her everywhere even in you,Meenal says Anurag learn from him, you are ao unchanged.meenal says we’re planning a university reunion, Tiwari joins them and asks whats going on, and misunderstands reunion,vibhu insults him calls him illiterate, and explains what is reunion, Tiwari argues with him.

Tiwari irritated walks to Angoori, Angoori says listen,today i apprehend how you have to be feeling wheb someone calls illiterate and so i want to renew my research.Tiwari says even you making amusing of me, Angoori says no im not,how could you feel while someone questions you one having an illiterate spouse like me while you are so knowledgeable, even my pal Rashmi is gonna resume, Tiwari scolds her and says sufficient no need of all such matters.

Vibhu walks to Angoori, and asks why is she upset, Angoori says i need to resume my studies,but Tiwari isnt permitting, vibhu says terrible mentality i wish you didn’t have him on your existence, Angoori says pretty, in any case i want to fulfil this dream of mine, Vibhu says handiest one person will let you on this.

teeka sees Malkan with prem says i was looking for you every in which, malkan says look at this villa, the proprietor,owns 10 crores,teeka says my god.malkan says the proprietor died last year and had no person after him and so his wealth must be somewhere on this residence,many tried but didnt locate it we found a way,we are able to speak to his soul.

Angoori calls amaji, angoori tells her about her want and Tiwari now not allowing him.Tiwari walks in and asks her to get milk, Angoori says patience im call with amaji, ama asks why is he denying you, he didnt study himself, Angoori says then you definitely inform him, ama scolds Tiwari and permit angoori to examine.

Saxena and Gupta speakme, hapu walks to them and whats cooking, Saxena says medical doctor became reciting mrutunjay mantra in operation theatre, but didnt paintings so im giving him higher understanding about it,hapu says you act bizarre however yiu are properly clever man, hapu and Saxena get in argument.saxena says he performed along side me i dont like it.

Tiwari walks to Vibhu, and scolds why do you hold interfering in others lifestyles, Vibhu says what interference bhabhiji had proper desires but your reasonably-priced mentality,tiwari says she is my wife i can suppose for you,you look after yourself,and while she will go school you return and do family.

Precap: master accepts Angooris admission, Angoori says but it will likely be bizarre to move faculty with children, Vibhu says i can come up with corporation.


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