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Tiwari gets Angoori out and says pause and checks again,says now fine, Angoori exits in school unifrom and why checking so much, Tiwari says I don’t need individuals to see you in this, Angoori says it’s simply school uniform, tiwari says you won’t comprehend, I’m getting auto,vibhu exits, wearing unifrom. Vibhu gets his bike and says gives up we getting late, Tiwari says she wont ride on your bike, Angoori says enough of this and I will go regular individuals will see me. Tiwari says alright.

Vibhu says did you give her pocket cash, Angoori says he is correct consider the possibility that I have a craving for having nibble, tiwari says here, Vibhu keeps in his pocket and says I will give her bites let it be with me. Vibhu stops cycle, Angoori inquires as to for what reason did you stop,vibhu begins envisioning singing and daicng with Angoori. Angoori says wake up quit envisioning we came to school.master says bhabhiji come gives up to your group and reproves vibhu.

Tiwari calls Angoori and requests tea and recollects that she is at school,so goes to kitchen to get tea. P.K.Gupta strolls in and says im here to see tiwari, Tiwari says its me, Tiwari says angoori get us some tea, Gupta says a few bread rolls as well, Tiwari says beyond any doubt, Gupta says I need to sell your lingrie at my store,and request is worth 5 lakh. Tiwari gets glad, and after that recollects Angoori isnt home, she is at school, Tiwari covers saying she is instructor there, Gupta says great you are extremely fortunate consent to the arrangement, sorry I overlooked it,i will get then we will start and leaves.

Hapu available to come back to work orders for lassi, magistrate strolls in, and requests water, Hapu asks him for what valid reason is he so strained, Commissioner says I committed gigantic error I misconstrued somebody for first time, I was going to advance the investigator from other branch and discovered he qas abusing his situation with the expectation of complimentary stuff and he should be rebuffed thus he won’t be advanced and is there no reliable true reviewer left in our area of expertise. Hapu says im here sir, magistrate says im glad for you, teeka malka. stroll in, official says congratulations,teeka malkan hinder and says heres the income from natural product advertise that is all, and leaves. magistrate gets furious.

Angoori returns home, and calls tiwari, Tiwari leaves Kitchen, and inquires as to why so late, Angoori says considering, Tiwari says you will be late consistently, Angoori says no might be even later it was first day so I was permitted to leave early,and it was so great at school,teachers offered me sustenance and took care,tiwari asks and vibhu, Angoori says half of the day he was rebuffed, tiwrai begins snickering. saxena having tea, plunges reptile in it, teeka Malkan stroll in Saxena puts on focal points, teeka says sir we did your work, he says great job will you think of me,malkan says not currently we are great here, teeka says enlighten us regarding the fortune now,he says not presently one more employment, he says you got to robbery at commissioners,boys deny,he says overlook the fortune at that point

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