Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Gupta says you said your better half instructs then for what reason is she in school dress, Tiwari says she does however she does this to gel up with children and winks at Angoori, Angoori says stop it,its terrible to lie,you need to continue lying at that point and I dont encourage I have continued my investigations, Gupta says Tiwari disgrace on you,and this shows you disapprove of she continuing examinations and I would prefer not to manage liars,deal drop.

Angoori considering, and articulates each spelling incorrectly, Tiwari strolls to her and gets sentimental, Angoori says dont bother I’m contemplating, given me a chance to complete my homework,or else I will be punished,and likewise I will have tests so please have persistence don’t exasperate me for 10 days, Tiwari says enough dont do this,vibhu strolls in and says all around done Tiwari what a move, to prevent her from examining,

Tiwari says how improper of you how could you enter my room, vibhu says im here to see my classmate.and bhabhi call amaji and advise he isnt permitting to contemplate, Tiwari says alright study,vibhu says help her examination, help her compelete her homework,vibhu says okay,angoori says its my investigations I will do it all alone. vibhu says ofcourse you will however homework anybody can and bhabhi come I will narate an intriguing story.Vibhu and Angoori begins talking and Tiwari begins finishing Angooris homework, Vibhu says Tiwari speedy and complete mine too,vibhu says bhabhiji lets have tea,angoori says beyond any doubt and leaves. magistrate gets a call from gulfamkali,he says yes on my way will be here soon yes im on bicycle bye. official gets another call saying he will be assaulted soon,teeka malkan masked assault him and take him ann flee. Tiwari planting, Angoori says Vibhu isnt here I will be late,if he doesn’t you should, vibhu says im here and he comes you both will look like uncle and niece, angoori says please dont state that and lets go,vibhu asks tiwari has he done the homework, vibhu checks the book and says how unclean, it would appear that you have done this intentionally, angoori says keep very he won’t do this, gives up school,vibhu says bhabhi we are bunking school today its a piece of tutoring days,like go watch film,angoori says I wont,vibhu says instructive film.angoori says alright then im in.

Teeka malkan hand saxena plundered stuff,he says great job young men, young men state sir it was a troublesome undertaking, presently disclose to us where treasure is, Saxena says yes its sitting tight for you however first complete the work,i cannot keep this stuff with me, go offer this to hapu in nearness of chief.

Ghansham visits Tiwari, says im here for request, Tiwari says Angoori get juice,and recalls that she isnt home says let it be, Ghanshyam says im here for 5 lakh request, tiwari says done arrangement, Ghanshyam asks who are you calling, Tiwari says my significant other and she is at school.ghanshyam says so she is an instructor, Tiwari says she has continued investigations, Ghanshyam says disgrace on you,you made her hold up so long to continue her studies,deal cancel,shame on you.

magistrate tells hapu he has been stolen,hapu says trust me I will discover them, masked teeka and malkan stroll in and state manager heres what we stole yesterday take your offer and send us our own bye. official says its mine. hapu removes his groups and stars.

Precap Upcoming Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Episode Update: Master strolls in and says angoori has quit coming to class, Tiwari says yet she goes out for school,vibhu strolls in, ace says remain.


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