Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Tiwari solving maths gets irritated, Angoori walks in, Tiwari asks so tell me what all did you observe, Angoori says will you have got tea and pakoda, Tiwari says kater first inform me what did yiu take a look at,master irritated walks in and says she could telk while she comes to school, tiwrai asks in which do you move then,vibhu walks in sees master says so long, master says wait come right here.vibhu walks to master and says even you’re lacking from faculty, Vibhu says we are at faculty on closing benches, you might have missed us.master scolds vibhu, Tiwari says inform me in which you cross, Angoori says allow me let you know,whilst we reach college gate,vibhu says we must vanish it’s critical a part of faculty schooling, Tiwari says and you believed him, Tiwari says he’s at fault placed them in unique instructions,vibhu says im sorry dont do that,grasp says i know children very well, because of you Angoori is likewise getting worst and so from nowadays you will be suspended. Tiwari says properly selection.

Vibhu drinking, Tiwari walks to him, and joins him,asks why consuming nowadays whats the event,Vibhu says its every so often of disappointment,and you’re wrongdoer you snatched my love my bhabhiji from me, Vibhu says i imply Anu, Vibhu says anu is disappointed with me says i do no work whole, Tiwari says but you kept bunking what do you expect, Vibhu says didnt you ever, Tiwari says you simply bunked.vibhu says sufficient im so indignant i can kill you, Tiwari says manage your emotions. Tiwari says and due to you i’ve lost lakhs,because angoori is education im losing commercial enterprise, Tiwari insults vibhu and leaves, vibhu says if i dont go college even bhabhiji wont.

Teeka Malkan come to peer Saxena discussing about hapu, saxena planning his next circulate, and says fools gets trapped on this too, and starts gambling his hints on boys.saxena puts lenses and walks to them, boys say we did as you stated now tell us about the treasure, saxena says money make us greedy by no means run behind it, boys get indignant, teeka throws ebook at saxena, and his one lense comes off, teeka says Saxena it become your trick,saxena says sure it was all me, hapu insulted me and that i took revenge the use of you ,hapu hears that, Saxena says you two can hit me,Hapu drunk walks in, hapu says punishment for you 3 is,boys hit and Saxena you will simply watch and begins hitting.

Angoori going college sees Vibhu disenchanted and asks the motive,vibhu says i cant, Angoori says dont fear i will.come and share information, Tiwari walks to them, vibhu says Tiwari is great man, Angoori asks why you praising him, vibhu says he has finished so much for you for the reason that you’ve got long gone school, he misplaced business really worth 10 lakhs, he is likewise doing all family, Angoori says Tiwari why didn’t you tell me, Tiwari says you’ll bitch amma, Angoori says I’m no longer that egocentric,i’m able to be part of correspondence course, Tiwari says k and leaves, Vibhu says allow’s have a selfie in college uniform.

Precap : Angoori dancing. Angoori tells tiwari she wants to teach herself in kathak, Tiwari denies.


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