Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Angoori studying, and publicizes every spelling wrong, Tiwari walks to her and receives romantic, Angoori says dont disturb I’m analyzing, allow me finish my homework,in any other case i might be punished,and also i may be having tests so please have patience don’t disturb me for 10 days, Tiwari says sufficient dont try this,vibhu walks in and says well carried out Tiwari what a pass, to forestall her from reading,

Tiwari says how shameless of you ways dare you enter my bedroom, vibhu says im here to see my classmate.and bhabhi name amaji and tell he isnt permitting to have a look at, Tiwari says k look at,vibhu says assist her study, assist her compelete her homework,vibhu says ok,angoori says its my research i shall do it by myself. vibhu says ofcourse you may however homework anyone can and bhabhi come i shall narate an exciting tale.Vibhu and Angoori begins chit chatting and Tiwari starts completing Angooris homework, Vibhu says Tiwari quick and whole mine too,vibhu says bhabhiji shall we have tea,angoori says certain and leaves.

Commissioner gets a name from gulfamkali,he says sure on my way could be here quickly yes im on motorbike bye. commissioner receives any other call saying he will be attacked soon,teeka malkan disguised assault him and thieve him ann run away. Tiwari gardening, Angoori says Vibhu isnt right here I could be overdue,if he doesn’t you will need to, vibhu says im here and he comes you each will appear to be uncle and niece, angoori says please dont say that and we could pass,vibhu asks tiwari has he finished the homework, vibhu tests the ebook and says how unclean, it looks as if you have done this on reason, angoori says preserve quite he gained’t do all this, lets pass college,vibhu says bhabhi we’re bunking school today its part of training days,like pass watch film,angoori says i wont,vibhu says instructional movie.angoori says ok then im in.

Teeka malkan hand saxena looted stuff,he says accurate task boys, boys say sir it became a difficult assignment, now tell us wherein treasure is, Saxena says yes its waiting for you however first whole the work,i cant keep these items with me, pass give this to hapu in presence of commissioner.

Ghansham visits Tiwari, says im right here for order, Tiwari says Angoori get juice,and recollects she isnt home says permit it be, Ghanshyam says im right here for 5 lakh order, tiwari says carried out deal, Ghanshyam asks who’re you calling, Tiwari says my spouse and he or she is at college.ghanshyam says so she is a teacher, Tiwari says she has resumed studies, Ghanshyam says disgrace on you,you made her wait goodbye to resume her research,deal cancel,disgrace on you.

Commissioner tells hapu he has been stolen,hapu says accept as true with me i can discover them, disguised teeka and malkan stroll in and say boss heres what we stole yesterday take your proportion and send us ours bye. commissioner says its mine. hapu takes to the air his batches and stars.

Precap: Grasp walks in and says angoori has stopped coming to school, Tiwari says however she leaves residence for faculty,vibhu walks in, master says stay.


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