Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 26th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Tiwari annoyed due to pandit rampals advices, says he made me achieve this many stupid matters for the reason that youth, Angoori says he does this for your excellent, however i sense this weird too, Tiwari says then inform amaji, Angoori says i can’t deny her,amaji calls them, amaji asks are they doing it, Angoori says sure, amaji says ok pandit Rampal has asked to visit police station and be romantic in front of some better official.tiwari says come let’s pass will we have any option.

Commissioner and Hapu discussing a course to go to pehlwans residence, Commissioner says right here you’ll face 15-20 risky puppies, and while you’ll live on these you will face crocodile in this lake. commissioner and hapu pay attention a person kiss and open window, hapu and commissioner stunned to peer its Tiwari and angoori,

commissioner begins playing seeing them, and whistels,they leave, commissioner says you ought to have known as them inner.
Angoori in kitchen, vibhu walks to her disappointed, and says what are you upto, stop it, you’re innocent and beautiful it doesn’t fit you, tiwari i can apprehend he is shameless and cheap, Tiwari hears it and walks to them, Tiwari insults him, and says dont trouble us,let us enjoy ourselves,vibhu gets disappointed,master asks whats wrong, Vibhu factors, grasp gets in, and scolds them, Angoori rushes in, Vibhu says whack him, grasp whacks tiwari.

Vibhu and prem togther, Vibhu tells prem about morning interior, Angoori walks in balcony and calls Tiwari and says the weather is so romantic,tiwari and angoori kiss. vibhu says god God no. prem enjoying. vibhu says close up go away.

Tilu and Badami togther, badami confuses tilu together with her relation with Gulfamkali, she again has some thing wrong in her eyes,tilu assisting her out, vibhu errors them and pissed off walks to them and scolds them. Badami and Tilu attempt to give an explanation for, vibhu begins slapping him,each go away,vibhu says whats wrong with the society in which did they loose their values.

Tiwari receives a call inviting him and angoori to soend night time in his bedroom so he can revel in,tiwari receives angry, Angoori asks whats wrong, Tiwari tells her, angoori says even im not liking it, Tiwari says call amaji and tell her we wont do it anymore, angoori calls amaji,amaji asks are you doing it,angoori says yes we are however it’s making us experience weird,amaji says neglect others let them go to hell you’re doing it in your correct and happiness, Angoori says okay bye. tiwari says i cant do it anymore,angoori says amaji says do it infront of somebody so let’s name someone here like vibhu,tiwari says he received’t come,he’s veru irritated, Angoori says let me name,vibhu asks what you want bhabhiji now, angoori says i recognise you’re disappointed but please come here,vibhu thinks she called to apologise and consents.

tilu says vibhu hit me so badly, teeka says we will talk to him, tilu says okay in case you say so however if he doenst apologise im lodging a criticism. boys stroll to Vibhu, vibhu says boys im going to a restuarant and im giving birthday party let’s cross, boys strive to speak,vibhu maintains reducing them and says i’m able to see tiwari and be back after which we are able to party,boys say we don’t drink in afternoon,vibhu says as soon as some time is first-rate, boys agree, Vibhu leaves,teeka says he is giving such party due to the fact he realised his mistake.tilu says ok.

Precap : tiwari asks wherein are you going, anu says going to look my mother and father, Tiwari says you received’t go.


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