Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

BJGPH 28 Mar episode Angoori asks where did the consumer cross, tiwari says ran away because we made him take a seat in lavatory, Angoori says but vibhu said this association will be useful, tiwari says it isnt but, Commissioner and Hapu stroll in, commissioner asks to arrest tiwari.

Commissioner scolds anyone in the back of bars, and says we are looking to smooth the metropolis and also you human beings busy littering it,teeka and Tiwari says Hapu asked us to come back right here, Gupta says me too, commissioner says im happy with you, Hapu says you’re kidding, commissioner says im no longer,those are at fault,they have been publically decificating but hapu stopped you,tilu says however he is blaming us and we him however we’re forgetting real perpetrator, Tiwari says very correct its vibhu, and explainss the state of affairs, each person concurs, commissioner asks Hapu to trouble warrant in name of Vibhu. anybody at Vibhus house blaming him, Vibhu says why are you blaming me,i have executed as per jugnu shastra, Jugnu starts talking and says he is lying, i’ve written nothing of such type,all in shock to peer him speak, Vibhu says you’re wrongly accusing me,Jugnu alternatives his diary and says let me see what you accompanied and says its all long gone, vibhu says it rained when I left your own home, so and how could you write such essential notes in just a diary,jugnu asks and the way did you deliver advice, vibhu says made an try, commissioner asks to arrest him,vibhu asks to forgive him.

Tiwari and Vibhu drinking,Vibhu asks did you have any female friend earlier than bhabhiji, tiwari says no i didnt however you truely ought to have, Vibhu says wrong it turned into simply Anu,though women in which loopy for me. Angoori receives pakoda, Vibhu says thank you bhabhiji i love you, Angoori and Tiwari ask what nonsense is that this,vibhu says its a praise like love you bro, Love you maam, Tiwari says like i say love you bhabhiji for assisting or something, Vibhu says positive, Angoori says no you received’t,i simply want you to mention love you to me,Vibhu says she is so possessive about you,tilu walks in and asks for income, Tiwari says no manners cant you greet, Vibhu says cmon he’s your boss, Tilu says he’s partying however no food for me, Angoori says deliver him his income,Tilu says im now not getting into argument just because he is yiur husband bhabhiji, Vibhu tries to convince but Tiwari insults everyone and leaves.

Vibhu says Tilu you want income proper,i’ve complete evidence plan but i can have my income, Tilu says im in, Tiwari and Angoori asleep,tilu gets in, and wakes tiwari and says pay me or else,tiwari pushes him, tilu acts as though he banged his head on column and is unconsious, Angoori and Tiwari try and wake him up,vibhu jumps in and asks what’s this noise about and whats incorrect with Tilu and tests him and says he’s dead, Tiwari says i beg you please save me, Vibhu says chill out im right here,tiwrai says thank you like you,Vibhu says i like you too permit’s conceal his lifeless body. Angoori scolds Tiwari.Tiwari scolds Angoori, door bell rings all get scared,Angoori says may be amaji allow me check,vibhu says prevent we’re wearing useless frame and conceal it in the back of sofa, angoori opens the door.

Hapu Singh on the door,he asks how come you together, Vibhu says thinking of new commercial enterprise together, Tiwari says k 50-50, Hapu says outstanding tea on that note, Angoori says whats my percent,vibhu says100,Hapu asks tea once more, angoori says okay i shall appearance after client care,Angoori and others speak irrelevant, Hapu receives indignant and leaves.


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