Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdates.Me

Angoori dancing,Tiwari strolls to her furious and puts off the music,tiwari asks what all is this, Angoori says rehearsing traditional, I learnt it wheb I was kid and after marriage I needed to stop it, and need to continue ot, Tiwari says no ways, Angoori says you should be fortunate to be agile and I have it, Tiwari says no methods no, and leaves.angoori very upset,vibhu strolls in and asks whats wrong, Angoori discloses to him the scenario.Vibhu says overlook him and resume your moving, Angoori says I dont even kniw any master here, vibhu says I will discover one,because even enamored with established moving, even I will learn few stages, angoori says I will be extremely appreciative.

Vibhu hunting web down master, prem strolls in with a master, vibhu inquires as to for what reason are you here prem and sees ghungru in masters leg and asks prem who is he, prem says meet razia gulkandi, popular established artist from lakhnow, and needs a spot for classes, we were pondering your home since bhabhi isnt here, vibhu says god I adore it and consents to share his place. Angoori in kitchen singing, Vibhu strolls to her and asks all great, Angoori says not by any stretch of the imagination I need to return to moving, Vibhu says I found a master for you,Vibhu says and classes will be held at my Angoori expresses profound gratitude a lot,i wish I could be useful to you sometime in the future.

Guruji educating gulfamkali,saxena playing tabla,guruji says you have no association with traditional moving poor child was playing so well yet you, gulfamkali says yet im dependably applauded for this,guruji says they are useless,gulfamkali says show me then,guruji says sure,come with Saxena I will.

gulfamkali says saxena would you be able to disclose to me I wasnt progressing nicely, saxena says I wasnt focusing, young men stroll in, gulfamkali asks how can she move, young men state fabulous,gulfamkali says liars, I’m going to take move classes.

Angoori rehearsing her move exercises, Tiwari says abandon it how about we hit the sack, Angoori says im extremely cheerful im not tired, I found a move instructor, Tiwari asks along these lines, Angoori says so im continuing moving, Tiwari says I let you know not to, Angoori says its my energy, let me and there wont be any carelessness from ny side and classes will be held at mishra house.tiwari says so he is the guilty party, Angoori says I request that he subsidize, Tiwari says I said no, Angoori says alright and makes amaji a call.

Amaji asks whats the issue, Angoori informs her concerning Tiwari’s determination, amaji says even im learning kathak, amaji reproves tiwari. young men examining about what they can do to see gulfamkali move, hapu strolls to them, teeka asks do you know any established artist, Saxena strolls in tilu gets some information about dancer,saxena says yes I do,and even gulfamkali is gaining from him at vibhutis house.

Precap Upcoming Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai Episode Update: guruji gives everybody an activity to rehearse.


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